Sunday, 14 April 2013

We've got to get out of this place

Two weeks back from our amazing holiday in America and I haven't been well for any of it. I've managed to catch two colds, the second just as the first was clearing up, and this second one has really knocked me back. Haven't even managed a whole day out of bed for three days and I'm getting quite depressed.
Good start to a post this, isn't it?

Both Dave and I dislike the winter months in Britain and he is even more susceptible to SAD than I am, so we've been playing around with ideas of how not to be here for future winters! It's definitely more pipe dream than reality at the moment but there is a shred of conviction that we are clinging to and our grand solution is this:

spotted on Raymond James blog

OK, this might not be the exact model we end up with (I spotted it on another blog, Raymond James Caravans, and I can't read the watermark so have no idea who the manufacturer is) but you get the gist. We're going to buy a 'van' and sod off - for months - at least. Woo hoo! Right now, I could happily sod off forever, but Dave is a little more cautious, probably because it's his house we'd need to sell to finance 'forever'. We've loved going camping for up to three weeks at a stretch in the past, but being stuck in a confined space with me for months on end might just push him to far. (Solution = awning = less confined space!!)

So anyway, right now I'm looking at motor homes and caravans and starting a list of important questions that need answers before we could commit:

How do you drive/park a caravan? Should we go on a course?
Do they ALL have garish upholstery?
Can you get fitted sheets for beds-that-turn-into-sofas?
What's involved in renting out a house?
What do we do about mail?
What do you mean there's no wifi?

If any readers have helpful tips, please Comment below. I'm sure my question list will grow immensely and it would be fun to 'meet' other people in our situation or already ahead of us. I'm going to search out a few forums too ...

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