Saturday, 27 June 2015

We cross the Tees and the Tyne

In our continuing journey northwards through England we crossed two
Pitched up at Low Hedgeley 
iconic rivers yesterday - the Tees and the Tyne. We also caught a glimpse of the Angel Of The North from the roadworks on the A1. I hope Dave managed to snap a clear enough photo from the passenger seat as we drove past, but the sculpture is quite obscured by trees so he only had a few seconds in which to do so. We drove for a couple of hours and are now on a Caravan Club CL at Low Hedgeley, just outside Powburn. The site is very neat with a water tap and electricity on each pitch, and the usual waste facilities and recycling bins. It is a pound more expensive than at Great Busby (£13 a night here), but we do have the additional extra of a toilet room, should we want to use it! The field is a bit slopy in all directions so getting ourselves level took a while. However, once the rain cleared, we got our new awning put up in a fraction of the time of our first attempt - only forty minutes from opening the car boot to hammering the final peg this time. Can you see Dave's celebratory mug wave in the photo above? We chose to put the awning further back on Bailey this time so the front window is clear and we also have full access to the under-bed locker. The awning seems squarer in itself too and the caravan door doesn't block the super-wide awning door so we still have easy access.

Love the big windows 

I love the visibility from this awning. The view a way ahead is of this little
View from our pitch 
hill which we may or may not get to climb. Today we drove to Alnwick for a look around and to get some shopping. There were two nice butchers shops in town, plus a good cake shop! Parking looked like it would be impossible until we managed to stop and study a map outside Sainsburys and learned where the car park was hidden (hard left directly after the very narrow stone gateway as you head out of town. It's free parking). The local accents have changed again and now local people sound like my Grandma putting a long 'oo' sound into 'cook' and 'book'.

There is a teashop and general grocery emporium in Powburn and we
View the other way across our campsite 
should be able to take a walk there. Plus a footpath starts right from the gate of the farm here so we have no excuse for not getting 'out there'. A disused railway runs very close by as well but we can't see that it has been turned into a walking/cycle route (yet!). Wooler is supposed to be a nice little town for shopping and possibly cycle-able. It's a sunny evening here after a rainy start and a mostly grey day, so we are sitting on our loungers in the awning enjoying the warmth and thinking about all we might do and see over the next couple of weeks before we move on again. Bliss!

A quick end note: I have won another book! (As if I don't already have enough to be going on with!) This is Into The Fire by Manda Scott which is a historical novel about Joan Of Arc, and a signed copy too. Thanks to @followthehens on Twitter for picking my name out of her hat!

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