Monday, 8 June 2015

The best curd tart in Yorkshire

We dusted off our bicycles today, Dave for the first time since Hope and
The best curd tart in Yorkshire 
me for the first time since Cawston. Norfolk already seems months ago even though it is only really four and a half weeks! Our nearest shopping town of Stokesley is a couple of miles away along mostly deserted country lanes that to experienced cyclists would be flat and to us have just enough incline that we had quite a sense of achievement by the time we got home with our heavy rucksacks.

There are several cycle hoops by an elegant floral incarnation in the centre of town. Stokesley has lots of pretty flower displays that I think are the work of SPIOTA. Our first stop was Age UK whose '3 for 99p' sign by outside book boxes proved irresistible! The charity shops here have a good quality of stock and haven't overwhelmed the town as there are also lots of small independent gift and homeware shops and a couple of clothing boutiques. We saw the historic Pack Horse Bridge which apparently has been in existence since at least the early 1600s. There is a parish record of its repair in 1632. We also enjoyed strolling the elegant Georgian and Regency streets. Many of the parking areas are cobbled and I thought it all felt more Georgette Heyer than James Herriot!

Pack Horse Bridge, Stokesley 
We failed to find a new hand blender in Boyes as our one finally blended itself to pieces while making a carrot and potato soup for lunch, but I did take the opportunity to buy the local specialty of a Curd Tart from a shop that was awarded the Best In Yorkshire, Thomas The Baker. I was expecting something along the lines of custard tart, misleading myself with the assumption of lemon curd. Instead, the tart has more the crumbly consistency of a bakewell with a sweet cheese flavour instead of almond. My verdict is an excellent choice to accompany a good cuppa, but not the most exciting cake ever!

Flower displays in Stokesley 

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