Thursday, 6 October 2016

Delighted with more fab giveaway prizes!

I'm not intending to make you all jealous, well not very jealous anyway(!), but today's post will be me talking about three more fabulous giveaway prizes I have received recently. You might already have read posts about a wooden 'home' jigsaw and some superb coffee that I won? Now I have got a satisfying pile of books and a stash of cookies! I enter lots of giveaways mostly on Twitter and sometimes on Facebook because it's just really good fun! Feel welcome to follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook if you're a giveaways fan too. We can point each other towards cool prizes.

I actually won the five books pictured above late last year, but we were away travelling at the time so it's taken them a while to catch up with me. The prize was for signing up to Penguin's Think Smarter emails which are a great resource for discovering their nonfiction books. The emails include interesting articles as well as links to new publications. I'll no doubt be reviewing all five over on Literary Flits in due course so you can look forward to a burst of educational reading suggestions!

The thought of all that learning is making me hungry though so it's great that Maryland sent me a selection box of their cookies as part of a #WinItWednesday promotion on Twitter. I love WinItWednesdays - and FreebieFridays! We've eaten most of the cookies already because they did arrive several days ago and I particularly liked the new Soft Baked type which are just like the large chewy cookies from supermarkets except a bit smaller. They're about half the size and there were eight in the pack. The standard crunchy cookies with chocolate and hazelnuts were very tasty too and Dave enjoys dunking them into his coffee. I prefer to crunch!

Today's post brought with it a Facebook giveaway prize which was hosted by a new crafting and mindfulness magazine, Project Calm. Their giveaway prize was a large format adult colouring book called Colour New York. The book consists of twenty incredibly detailed line drawings of famous New York scenes all of which were drawn by talented artist Emma Kelly. If that name rings a bell it's because she designed the badminton 50p coin for the 2012 Olympics. I've got my colouring pens at the ready and am looking forward to beginning my interpretations of the scenes. I can't decide whether to try and be as realistic with my colours as I can or whether to go psychedelic!

I am developing a compulsive habit of watching out for the postal staff! They usually get to our building about lunchtime and it's disappointing when there's nothing for me! I'm still awaiting two more books, a couple of DVDs, and a stationery set which is coming all the way from America. Fun times!


  1. How lovely! I won a little goody bag recently with notebook, pen and the author's new book and was thrilled. It's a lovely feeling to win something, isn't it? x