Tuesday, 31 October 2017

October roundup and November preview

The big news for October is, of course, that we are no longer in the UK! Having originally planned to try and stay in Devon until at least after Christmas, we actually got fed up far sooner - for various reasons - and jumped on a ferry last week! We are now in Estartit in Catalonia where it is gloriously sunny. Lots of walking, cycling and exploring await us. We've both been paddling in the sea, lazed on the sandy beach watching surfers, and Dave nearly went swimming!

It's not all been perfect weather though. Nothing like the storms back home, but high winds a couple of nights ago resulted in this strange leaf phenomenon. All foliage was blown clear off our pitch except for this leaf pile that accumulated itself between our car and caravan.

Blogwise, I passed two significant milestone this month. My 50th consecutive daily post on Artisan Rainbow featured the vibrant red Cork And Chalk Board by LEBU Furniture pictured below:

And my 500th (count 'em!) consecutive daily Literary Flits book post featured the brilliant new Joss Sheldon novel Money Power Love. If you're looking for an engrossing and thought-provoking read, Buy This Book!

Looking forward to November, I anticipate writing more travel posts on this blog. We plan a mix of new-to-us campsites and revisiting some at which we have stayed before. At the moment our plan is to be in south west France over Christmas, but that might change with the weather forecast!

I want to make a concerted effort to improve my French. I've forgotten so much since A level (all those years ago). My cunning plan is to slowly work through translating my older travel posts into French. When I get myself up to a reasonable standard and speed I will start writing new posts bilingually. I need to find a French keyboard app for my Fire tablet though. My current English one doesn't have any accents. Any suggestions?

While I google the answer I'll leave you with these two views over Estartit harbour from our hill walk yesterday ...

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