Thursday, 4 May 2017

I had a great birthday!

Trying to be a
fashion blogger!
Thank you to everyone for your kind birthday wishes and greetings yesterday. I had a wonderful day, albeit an exhausting one!

Dave got me this OEX Roq 2-Layer Women's Waterproof Jacket I wanted from Go Outdoors. It's amazingly lightweight and rolls down to take up almost no space, especially compared to my decade-old Regatta coat which needed to be far thicker to do the same job. I was surprised at how much fabric technology has advanced. I love the tailored style and fit of the OEX Roq. The hood is snug, but doesn't obscure much of my vision which I appreciate as some hoods make me feel claustrophobic! The jacket is supposed to be waterproof, windproof and breathable too, but I haven't tried it out in bad weather yet. Fingers crossed it does what it's label says it will!

New shoes 
My sister got me these blue plimsolls from White Stuff. They're comfy and will be perfect for summer camping trips which is ideal as we spent most of yesterday visiting Highbridge Caravans to pick up our super new-to-us trailer tent, wandering around their shop and then round Go Outdoors to buy our essential camping gear from their extensive range!

Having left our caravan in Spanish storage this year, we soon realised we had nothing to camp in when zooming around the UK this summer. Dave leapt into research mode and a couple of weeks ago we viewed and put a deposit on a Raclet Solena Trailer Tent at Highbridge. It's so cute and, being French, is rather stylish too - well, I think so anyway! Yesterday was our Official Handover which was very exciting. We were shown how to erect the trailer tent and awning, and how to pack it all away again. Mike, who was demonstrating, was really helpful and even, together with Dave, pushed the Solena from the far end of the site to the car park for us! I'll post photos when we take it on its first trip away - hopefully very soon, but in the meantime here's what it looks like all folded away. Tiny!

Our new Raclet Solena trailer tent 

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