Thursday, 22 October 2015

Waiting for the ferry to France

By the time this post publishes itself on Thursday we will (hopefully) be well on our way through France, but at the time of writing (Tuesday night) we are holed up on the outskirts of Seaford, at the Buckle Holiday Park. It's right next to the beach so I took a walk up there earlier on to get these photos. There's a small shower block and the pitches are generously sized. It's a bit of a shock though, both the £20 a night price and the being surrounded by other caravans after a summer of CLs and CSes. Quiet by Buckle standards, but suddenly ridiculously busy by ours! We decided to come here instead of staying Hailsham because our ten o'clock ferry means we need to be at the port soon after eight o'clock. We couldn't risk getting snarled up in the early rush hour traffic on the A27 and missing our boat. From Buckle Holiday Park we still need to get back into Newhaven, but this shouldn't take more than about fifteen minutes.

Dave said his tearful farewells to everyone at Hailsham Tennis Club. Of
Buckle Holiday Park 
the twenty-four sets he played over the past couple of weeks, he lost five and won nineteen. Woo hoo Davey! Kim even baked an incredible chocolate cake for the occasion which I got to taste as Dave brought some slices home. We've had some fare-thee-well emails too which is really nice. Thank you all :-)

I was pleasantly surprised to receive just over $100 on Kiva repayments day. We were up in London at the time so I didn't get to relending straight away. However I have now made four loans: to Sady for her bookstore in Costa Rica, to the Don Lorenzo Group for a different bookstore in Bolivia, to Nadia for her beauty salon in Palestine and finally, in a new country for me, to the Motk Group enabling Guirlene to buy supplies of soft drinks in Haiti.

In 'other news', don't forget that Sam Baker and Carrie Elkin have started their European tour. They are currently in the Netherlands and will arrive in the UK on the 26th October. If there's a gig near you, get yourself a ticket booked now. They are both fabulous and fascinating musicians!

And if you're already getting organised for Christmas, I have now have four woven bags and some crocheted flowers in my Etsy shop. I'm very pleased with how the Green And Black bag turned out and am just as happy to ship from France!

Sunset over the harbour