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For Love And Mercy by C Ingrid Deringer + Author Interview

Book Details:

​Book Title:  FOR LOVE AND MERCY: A Novel by C. Ingrid Deringer
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  195 pages
GenreLiterary Fiction, Mystery, Historical Fiction 
Release date:  August 2022
Content Rating:  PG-13. There is a death, near-death experience, some swearing, no explicit sex scenes.  

Book Description:

“Suddenly angelic beings of light appeared. They said I was at a crossroad, and it was here where I had to make a choice . . .”

In 2022, forty-two-year-old Dr. Stormy Hera, a music professor at the University of Victoria, is serving a manslaughter sentence at Sunnydale Forensic Hospital in British Columbia.

Although she can’t recall committing the crime, she feels strongly that she did the right thing. In the hopes of jogging her memory and healing her soul, Stormy is tasked with writing her autobiography as part of her rehabilitation.

​Spanning the 1940s to 2026, and set in the Saskatchewan prairies, Olympia, Greece, and Canada’s West Coast, For Love and Mercy follows the lives of free-spirited Evangeline, and Stormy herself—including a near-death experience that changes everything. 

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Meet the Author:

Charlotte Ingrid Deringer was born into a large family in Saskatchewan, Canada and has lived all across the country, on the east coast, west coast and everywhere in between. 

Her family’s love of music, dance and practical jokes left a tremendous impression on her, but it was her voracious appetite for adventure that has driven her to experience life to the fullest. She was in her 50s when her creative passions ignited, fueling her desire to write fiction. 

Ingrid holds a BA in Psychology, an MA in Women’s Studies and is also an Acupuncturist, Shiatsu Therapist, a Life Cycle Celebrant and a Meditation Teacher.  She has worked in the health and wellness field, specializing in the treatment of chronic pain and chronic illness for over 25 years. 

Now semi-retired, Ingrid loves to hang out with her grandchildren and spend winters in warm climates with her feet in the sand where she can write to her heart’s content. 

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Author Interview

How did you come up with the idea for writing Love and Mercy?
My girlfriend and I were a on a road trip and we were talking about our travels. I told her about when I was backpacking across Europe and how I met a man on a train on my way to Olympia Greece. This was over 35 years ago. He was an Australian who had a lot of knowledge about Greek Mythology which I didn’t. I was just interested in going to see where the first Olympics was held. We hung out for a few days and he was like this amazing travel guide. We were having a beer in a small pub and I asked him what he did for a living. And he took off his hat and pressed it to his chest and starting singing opera to me right then and there. My girlfriend said I that to put that into one of my novels! I wrote it as a love story and then the story just grew tentacles…. 

What Genre do you write and why?
I would say overall I am writing literary fiction – more character driven than plot, and more focused on the human condition. Of course there is an element of historical fiction as well that I tend gravitate to and some romance and mystery too.  I have worked in the health care industry for over 28 years now, and that and the fact that I come from a large family, and have traveled extensively, is reflected in my writing.

In this book, you write about a Near Death Experience. Do your other books have that spiritual theme as well and why? 
I like to add what I call Spiritually Transformative Experiences in all my novels. It is one thing that I believe sets me apart from many novelists. I personally have had such experiences in my own life and have heard stories from many of my clients and friends and relatives over the years. In every case, I would say they have been life changing and yet we don’t talk openly about them very much. It isn’t as taboo nowadays as it used to be, but still, I believe it is important for us to begin to bring it out in the open and talk about it and explore.  There is so much we don’t know and can’t see but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 

Do you write every day?
Depending on the time of year. I am semi-retired, working mostly in the summer months, so when I go south for the winter, I definitely write every day. 
I write children’s books; I have two published and I am working on two more. I started writing flash fiction for fun and I hope to continue with those stories and make a bathroom reader; and I have two other novels in various stages – editing and writing and research. I think about my characters and about writing A LOT! I dream up stories all the time, and have to get up and write them down. I watch a lot of documentaries on whatever my subject matter is and about the writing process itself. And I read a lot about writing too. In between I read fiction – authors that I admire. There is never enough hours in a day for me!

What do you like least and most about being a writer?
I am not keen on the marketing end – social media has been a big learning curve but I am working on it and reaching out to professionals for help. I do love doing author readings though! I love getting up in front of a group and entertaining them – Besides talking about my books, I add in humor a lot with my flash fiction, and even engage them to participate in coming up with stories… I love the solidarity of writing but I am a people person, so I need to engage with people so any chance I get to do an author reading or set up a table at a market or a book signing, I take it. 

What is your favourite place to travel to?
I have traveled quite a bit but in the last ten years, I have gone to Mexico for months at a time and I always enjoy that although I have to admit, I like the fancy resorts! This year I am trying Arizona in a fancy RV resort for 6 months living in my fifth wheel. I will take trips to see my daughter in Nashville and my brother in Louisiana and back to Mexico for a week or two. Now, more than ever, I want a place where I have nice weather and I can write, swim and walk and maybe play some cards and dance!  But my favourite of all time – Australia, Prince Edward Island on the east coast in Canada, and Greece! 

Do you ever get writer’s block?
Never! It is just the opposite. I have so many stories and scenes and characters running around in my head. The odd time I don’t know where to start or how to start, so I just write a scene and then work backwards and forwards from that. In Love and Mercy, I started with a love story – Evangeline and the opera singer … and then I worked my way back and forth from that main story. 

Do you have any other hobbies? 
Well, when I did my first market, I had a large table booked and I only had two books at that time – a children’s book and a novel. I decided to I needed to have something else to sell to fill the table up. So I like to dabble in watercolor and ink drawings and do funny greeting cards for my family. So I made up forty cards and low and behold they sold. Now, I can’t keep up so I make them and get them printed and sell them alongside my books. They are called Ging Ging Designs – Greeting cards made with love.  My grandson calls me Ging Ging so that is where I got the name. 

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The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn by Amber A. Logan + Author Interview

Book Details:

​Book Title:  The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn by Amber A. Logan
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+),  336 pages
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Publisher:  CamCat Books
Release date:  Nov 15, 2022
Content Rating:  PG. The book is clean, without excessive swearing, no sexual content or graphic violent scenes, etc.  
Book Description:

Cracked doesn’t always mean broken.

Grieving her mother’s death, Mari Lennox travels to Kyoto, Japan to take photographs of Yanagi Inn for a client. As she explores the inn and its grounds, her camera captures striking images, uncovering layers of mystery shrouding the old resort—including an overgrown, secret garden on a forbidden island. But then eerie weeping no one else in the inn seems to hear starts keeping her awake at night.

​Despite the warnings of the staff, Mari searches the deep recesses of the old building to discover the source of the ghostly sound, only to realize that her own family’s history is tied to the inn, its mysterious, forlorn garden . . . and the secrets it holds.
CamCat Books
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Author Interview with Amber A Logan
How did you do research for your book?
Since a lot of the writing/editing of The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn was done during the COVID-19 pandemic, I unfortunately couldn’t travel to Japan this time for research. While I’ve been to Japan many times and have had the privilege of visiting Japanese gardens around the world, I spent a lot of time doing research on ryokans and gardens for this book. There are so many lovely photography books about Japanese gardens and traditional architecture, which really gave me inspiration. I also watched movies and videos online, trying to get a sense for the sounds Mari would experience walking through the gardens. Photography was also a major part of the book, so I did research on photography and had a photographer friend read over all my camera details for accuracy. I also hired a Japanese cultural sensitivity reader to read the whole novel and provide feedback, which was invaluable.
What is your next project?
Another retelling set in Japan! I am writing a retelling of an old book called The Haunted Woman by David Lindsay. It’s a story about a woman who discovers a strange staircase in an old house, and when she climbs the stairs and comes back down she can’t remember what transpired upstairs. 
Which was the hardest character to write?
I think I always find my main characters the hardest to write, probably because I feel like they have to be the most fully-formed and fleshed out. I also tend to write single POV novels, so I have to really focus in on one voice. So Mari was definitely the trickiest character for me. In earlier drafts, my editor thought Mari was too unpleasant and I actually had to temper her a bit. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from readers now saying that they really related to Mari and thought she was a compelling character, so I’m hoping that means the edits were successful!  
If you could go back in time, where would you go?
As much as I’d like to think it’d be fun to go back to the Renaissance, I’ve spent too many years working in a Renaissance Festival and think the reality would actually be very uncomfortable. So I think I’d have to go with 1960’s London. I’m a huge Beatles fan, and the idea of experiencing the early days of Beatlemania sounds absolutely thrilling. I could absolutely be one of those girls in the audience screaming and crying over John Lennon. 
How long have you been writing?
I started writing poetry and weird little vignettes and short stories as a teenager, but it’s only been in the past five years or so that I’ve transitioned to novels, which I now adore. I never thought I’d have the patience for such a long form, but now that I’ve started, I’m addicted. I think perhaps my younger self wouldn’t have been able to—I had to wait until I was in my 30s to get started, perhaps. 

Meet the Author:

Amber A. Logan is a university instructor, freelance editor, and author of speculative fiction living in Kansas with her husband and two children—Fox and Willow. In addition to her degrees in Psychology, Liberal Arts, and International Relations, Amber holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

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The Chai House by Priti Srivastava + Author Interview


Join us for this tour from Oct 17 to Nov 4, 2022!

Book Details:

​Book TitleTHE CHAI HOUSE by Priti Srivastava
Category:  Adult Fiction (18 +),  123 pages
Genre: Dystopian Thriller, Feminist Fiction, Horror
Publisher:  Independently Published
Release date:  December 8, 2020
Content Rating:  R: The story takes place under fascist rule. There are descriptions of war, violence, rape, and forced birth. ​
Book Description:

The Chai House is a haunting debut novel that explores the complexity of community when individuals are unaware of their own roles in upholding systems of oppression. Swati has spent her entire life trying to live up to her family’s expectations of her. She has learned it is easiest to just do what is asked of her, without resistance; a skill that has helped her survive in the early years of the Knights, an authoritarian regime. When her mother has a request for Swati, she agrees to it as it is the only way to help her young niece have some sort of future. An emotional page turner, The Chai House examines the desire to be true to yourself in a world where familial, cultural, societal, and political values direct you to stay small and stay silent.
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Author Interview
There are so many dystopian and speculative fiction books out there. What makes yours different? I have always been fascinated with dystopian and speculative fiction. Those stories are often told at the turning point of revolution or change and I wanted to tell a story that explored one of many situations that could lead to the point of change,
Do you have another profession besides writing? I facilitate meditation practices geared towards inner and social action. My personal maitri practice found within every story I tell. May we all know what it is to feel loved, protected, and safe. 
Which was the hardest character to write? The easiest? Cindy was by far the hardest character to write but Swati was up there! Amma was the easiest character for me to write, she was always so sure of her actions and words. 
What genre do you write and why? I have always written what I wanted to read. My genres are horror and speculative fiction and it is important to me that the stories I tell reflect intersectional feminist perspectives. 
How did you do research for your book? I did a lot of research on horticulture and medicine the old fashioned way, referencing books and experts! I am very lucky to have friends who are familiar with both of these topics and I was so happy to thank them in my acknowledgements for the story of The Chai House could not have been told without their help!

Meet the Author:

Priti Srivastava lives in Madison, Wisconsin with their best friends. Priti works to create inclusive spaces as they hope that one day everyone will feel as though they belong. When Priti isn’t working or doing chores, they enjoy playing video games, making their friends laugh, eating samosas, and sitting quietly. They also love to read and on the rarest of occasions Priti writes about Priti in the third person. Priti loves to connect with readers. Follow them on social media to request a virtual visit with your book club.

connect with the author: twitter ~ instagram goodreads

Tour Schedule:

Oct 17 – Viviana MacKade – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Oct 18 – Locks, Hooks and Books – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Oct 19 – Stephanie Jane – book spotlight / author interview / giveaway
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The Disappearance of Trudy Solomon by Marcy McCreary + Author Interview


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Book Details:

Book Title:  The Disappearance of Trudy Solomon by Marcy McCreary
CategoryAdult Fiction (18+), 400 pages
Publisher: CamCat Books
Publication Date: September 2022.
Tour dates: Oct 3 to Oct 21
Content Rating: PG 
Book Description:

In a family like that, you won’t need enemies.

In the waning days of the Catskills hotel era, Stanley and Rachel Roth, the owners of the Cuttman Hotel, were practically dynasty—third generation proprietors of a sprawling resort with a grand reputation. The glamorous and gregarious matriarch, Rachel. The cunning and successful businessman, Stan. Four beautiful children. A perfect family deserving of respect and loyalty. Or so it seemed.

​Fast forward forty years. The Roths have lost their clout. When skeletal remains are found on the side of the road, the disappearance of Trudy Solomon, a coffee shop waitress at the Cuttman in 1978, is reopened. Each member of the Roth family holds a clue to the case, but getting them to admit what they know will force Detective Susan Ford to face a family she’d hoped never to see again.

Author Interview with Marcy McCreary
What is your next project? 
The second book in the Ford Family Mystery series, The Murder of Madison Garcia will be released on March 28, 2023. I am currently writing the third book in the standalone series, The Summer of Love and Death. I’m toying with the idea of writing a domestic thriller once I submit The Summer of Love and Death to my publisher.
If you were stuck on a deserted island, which 3 books would you want with you? 
One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, and The Minus Man by my husband, Lew McCreary.
Do you snack while writing? Favorite snack? 
I write in the morning and I do not eat breakfast. So, if you can consider coffee a snack, that’s what I consume while writing. Two cups is my max (with 1 packet of Stevia and a little bit of milk). When I break from writing, around 11:30 am, I eat lunch. I might continue to write a bit more, but I usually won’t indulge in a snack until around 4:00 in the afternoon, and my go-to snack is cashews.
What genre do you write and why? 
Police procedural or investigative mystery that is generally categorized as traditional or whodunnit. The main protagonist is a professional in law enforcement trying to solve a crime (as opposed to an amateur sleuth who happens upon a murder). My stories tend to be more intellectual than emotional. Not that there isn’t tension or suspense in my narrative, but (so far) I haven’t written a heart-racing thriller. I write in the traditional mystery genre for the simple reason that I read this genre, and always have. I feel comfortable in it and understand the structure (pacing, red herrings, clues, plot twists, reveals). I’m a big fan of the masters of this genre: Agatha Christie, PD James, Dick Francis, and Val McDermid. I’m also an avid watcher of police procedural television series, and I’m especially drawn to the darker investigative stories you’ll find in The Killing, Mare of Easttown, and The Wire.
Which was the hardest character to write? The easiest? 
Will was the easiest—maybe because I gave him a sense of humor and enjoyed writing his dialog. Trudy Solomon was the hardest—I waffled on how to present her to the reader. Originally, I wrote her from the perspective of someone who is thinking about her life and trying to surface memories. Then I rewrote her mini-chapters as flashbacks to the events in her life that would give readers a glimpse of her story. And then, upon further discussion with my editor, rewrote them once again to take place in the present but whereby she interacts with people as though she is living in the past, as many Alzheimer’s patients do. Trudy’s “Alzheimer’s-hazy” perspective is presented in short vignettes throughout the book. I thought that would help build suspense as she is the consummate unreliable narrator of her own story . . . and acts as a counterpoint to Susan’s role as a reliable narrator.
Do you ever get writer’s block? What helps you overcome it? 
Yes, but thank goodness it’s fleeting. To overcome it, I simply step away from writing for a couple of days. Then, when I go back to the manuscript, I start reading it from the beginning to get reacquainted with what I’ve written and even do some light editing. From stepping away for a few days and then returning to it, I think I get a fresh perspective of where to take the story.

Meet the Author:
​Marcy McCreary worked for several years as a marketing and sales executive at various magazine publishing companies and content marketing agencies before turning to fiction writing. She is the author of The Disappearance of Trudy Solomon (CamCat Books). With two daughters and two step-daughters living in four different cities (Brooklyn, Nashville, Madison, Seattle), she spends a lot of time on airplanes crisscrossing the country. She lives in the beautiful coastal towns of Hull, MA and Nantucket, MA with her husband and black lab.

connect with the author:

Tour Schedule:

Oct 3 – 
Cover Lover Book Review – book spotlight / author interview / giveaway
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Tomboy: A Jane Benjamin Novel by Shelley Blanton-Stroud + Giveaway

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Book Title Tomboy: A Jane Benjamin Novel by Shelley Blanton-Stroud
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+), 308 pages
Genre Historical Thriller
Publisher She Writes Press
Release dates:   June 2022
Content Rating:
 PG-13 + M. The F word appears exactly once in the book. There is a completely non-explicit sex scene. There is a suicide.​

Book Description:

It’s 1939. Jane Benjamon’s got five days at sea to solve the murder of a Wimbledon champion’s coach and submit a gossip column that tells the truth. If not the facts.

On the brink of World War II, Jane wants to have it all. By day she hustles as a scruffy, tomboy cub reporter. By night she secretly struggles to raise her toddler sister, Elsie, and protect her from their mother.

But Jane’s got a plan: she’ll become the San Francisco Prospect’s first gossip columnist and make enough money to care for Elsie.

Jane finagles her way to the women’s championship at Wimbledon, starring her hometown’s tennis phenom and cover girl Tommie O’Rourke. Jane plans to write her first column there. But then she witnesses Edith “Coach” Carlson, Tommie’s closest companion, drop dead in the stands of apparent heart attack, and her plan is blown.

​Sailing home on the RMS Queen Mary, Jane veers between competing instincts: Should she write a social bombshell column, personally damaging her new friend Tommie’s persona and career? Or should she work to uncover the truth of Coach’s death and its connection to a larger conspiracy involving US participation in the coming war?

Putting away her menswear and donning first-class ballgowns, Jane discovers what upper-class status hides, protects, and destroys. Ultimately—like nations around the globe in 1939—she must choose what she’ll give up in order to do what’s right.

If you enjoy immersive historical fiction, then I highly recommend picking up a copy of Tomboy by Shelley Blanton-Stroud. This accomplished novel takes in the social problems and gender politics of 1930s America as well as being a thoroughly engrossing murder mystery story. I love Jane Benjamin, Tomboy's unconventional central character (albeit not actually the tomboy of the title). Caught in the midst of too many pressing responsibilities, she chooses career over family which results in her inveigling herself into just the right place at just the right time to investigate a baffling murder.
I think the scenes aboard the ocean-going ship were my favourites, especially when Blanton-Stroud compares the differences between third class travel - already seeming luxurious to Jane's eyes - with that of the first class accommodations enjoyed by tennis champion, Tommie, and her entourage. As Jane and Tommie's friendship deepens, I was drawn further into the intrigues surrounding Coach's death. I loved how this aspect of Tomboy played out and managed to convince myself of the murderer's identity (wrongly, of course) several times in the course of this novel. I do hope Blanton-Stroud writes more of Jane's story in future books. I've been so impressed with this series and am keen for it to continue.

Meet the Narrator:

April Doty is a classically trained actress with a BFA from Syracuse University. She is a voice actor and the narrator of 26 books. Born in Virginia, educated in New York, seasoned in London and settled in Spain, April Doty brings the sound of a rich and varied life experience to her narration. The character of Jane came to life in her home studio on the Costa del Sol. 

connect with the narrator:  website twitter linkedIn ~ soundcloud

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Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novels by Michelle Cox


Join us for this tour from Sep 26 to Oct 21, 2022!

Book Series Details:

Book Series:  The Henrietta and Inspector Howard Novels by Michelle Cox
Category:  Adult fiction (18+), 200-400 pages each
Genre:  Historical Fiction, Historical Mysteries
Publisher:  She Writes Press
Release date:  April 2016; April 2017; April 2018; April 2019; April 2020, Oct 2022
Tour dates:  Sep 26 to Oct 21, 2022
Content Rating: This book series is rated R. Books 1 - 2 do not have sex scenes, but they are implied and the content is mature (prostitution, gambling, alcohol, murder, serial killer). Book 3 introduces tasteful sex scenes between a married couple and there is one rape (not graphic at all). Books 4 - 6 usually have 2 tasteful sex scenes in each Swearing is present in all 6 books, but is minimal. ​ 
“Downton Abbey meets Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!”

“Henrietta and Clive are a sexy, endearing, and downright fun pair of sleuths. Readers will not see the final twist coming.” 
Library Journal, starred review

“Fans of spunky, historical heroines will love Henrietta Von Harmon.” Booklist, starred review

“Henrietta and Inspector Howard are the best pair of sleuths I’ve come across in ages. A fantastic start to what is sure to be a long running series.” ―Tasha Alexander, New York Times bestselling author ​
Book Series Description:
A GIRL LIKE YOU: Beautiful Henrietta Von Harmon works as a 26 girl at a corner bar, Poor Pete’s, on Chicago’s northwest side. It’s 1935, but things still aren’t looking up since the big crash and her father’s subsequent suicide. Left to care for her antagonistic mother and seven younger siblings, Henrietta is persuaded to take a job as a taxi dancer at a local dance hall. Henrietta is just beginning to enjoy herself, dancing with men for ten cents a dance, when the floor matron suddenly turns up murdered. The aloof Inspector Clive Howard then appears on the scene, and Henrietta unwittingly finds herself involved in unraveling the mystery when she agrees to go undercover for him in a burlesque theater where he believes the killer lurks.

Even as Henrietta is plunged into Chicago’s grittier underworld, she struggles to still play the mother “hen” to her younger siblings and even to the pesky neighborhood boy, Stanley, who believes himself in love with her and continues to pop up in the most unlikely places, determined, ironically, to keep Henrietta safe, even from the Inspector if needs be. Despite his efforts, however, and his penchant for messing up the Inspector’s investigation, the lovely Henrietta and the impenetrable Inspector find themselves drawn to each other in most unsuitable ways. 

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Bookishly Inspired Creative Finds 26 Sep - 2 Oct

Welcome to another week of beautiful creative finds inspired by my Literary Flits book reviews and spotlight posts. I hope you love discovering these items as much as I enjoyed searching them out. Maybe you'll spot a book or two to tempt you as well?

Glass Porcupine Tree Ornament by Hand Made Glass Store
The Prickly Problem: Dr. Pete the Porcupine by Cheryl DaVeiga + Giveaway + Author Interview


Grow Your Own Herbs kit by Eco Purple Turtle Co
Whispers in the Waters by Sarah Chislon + Giveaway + Excerpt


and, while I've got you, make sure you don't miss your chance to enter the Literary Flits October Book Giveaway! The prize is a book of the winner's choice, up to a value of $US10, which I'll send to them from The Book Depository. The giveaway is open internationally throughout October and all you have to do is Comment on any Literary Flits October book review posts to enter. (Full info & all the eligible posts on This Page.)

As always, creative item links are affiliate links which go straight to each item's shop page. Book titles are linked to their Literary Flits blog posts and Giveaway or Free Book links go to my dedicated giveaways index page, also on Literary Flits.