About Stephanie Jane

Having spent the 2013-14 winter touring Spain and Portugal in our then-new-to-us Bailey Orion caravan, we were bitten by the travelling bug. When not in our Torquay home, we love exploring Europe and I hope my on-the-road posts inspire you to travel too. The only trouble we've found is that the more we discover, the more we realise is still out there unseen!

My book reviews are now being posted on their own dedicated blog, Literary Flits. Plus I put them on GoodReads and Amazon too. If you're a Goodreader, hit that friend button and let's discover each other's book choices! If you are an author or publisher who would like me to promote or read and publicly review your work, or a reader with a Guest Review to share, please feel welcome to get in touch via Literary Flits.

I promote gorgeous British craft and design daily on Artisan Rainbow. Home decor items, art, jewellery or stationery - if it has bold colour and I love it, it will be featured! Most items are sold via Etsy, RedBubble or various other online venues.

I would love to be able to finance part of our travels with income from my blogging. I have set up affiliate monetising via Affiliate Window, Rakuten Linkshare and other programmes. Book reviews, Etsy Finds posts and TreatYourself posts definitely have affiliate links. Links from other posts may be affiliated. In 2015 I wrote a post about my first blogging income. If you are also struggling to break through, perhaps my experience might give you some ideas of what (or what not) to do?

Prime advertising space is available to rent on both my blogs too! Promote (almost) anything for just £10 a month. More details via this link.

Are you thinking about changing your energy supplier? We are proud to get our electricity and gas from Ecotricity, supporting their investment in increased renewables in Britain. I wrote a blog post about the issues which prompted me to actually change our energy supplier, rather than simply thinking about it. You can read the post here. If you'd also like to switch, please make sure to quote my code RAF-I2W6Y by phone, email or via the Ecotricity website and we will then both be rewarded with a voucher to spend at John Lewis or LUSH.

I support musicians and other creative bods on Kickstarter, PledgeMusic and indiegogo. I'm also a member of the Half The Sky team on Kiva where I choose to lend to women entrepreneurs around the world. I joined the team before actually reading Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's Half The Sky book but have rectified that now (My review here)! You can read my various blog posts about Kiva lending  and if you choose to make a Kiva loan after following one of my links, I'll get a bonus loan. That would be nice!

Not charitable, but also a financial organisation, I am happy to be a part of Zopa which is the UK's first and its leading peer-to-peer lending service. I love that I get a good rate on my savings (4% at the time of writing) and like knowing that my money is being used by people like myself rather than to line the coffers of multinational banking conglomerates. If you choose to join Zopa, to invest your savings or to take out a loan, by following one of the links on this blog, I will get an incentive payment.

I mostly share petitions via my personal Facebook and Twitter, but you'll also spot a few here between travel posts, reading roundups and recipes. They're mostly by 38 degrees, SumOfUs or Greenpeace and I am becoming more politically outspoken as my country slides further away from the nation I want it to be. I have always voted, but never belonged to a political party before now. This year I am proud to have joined the Green Party as their stance on most matters closely reflects my own beliefs.

Thanks for reading. Safe travels and maybe we'll get to meet up on a campsite some day!


  1. oh this is fantastic! My family is all back in Spain now so I dying to visit them! I haven;t been thee in decades! I'll make sure to visit all your Spain posts!

    1. Glad I can bring you a little bit of Spain through my posts. I hope you get to visit your family soon :-)

  2. What a lovely site, you are a busy, busy person! I live half time in UK and half in Portugal so will definitely have a look through some of your adventures! I will also join you book site. And thanks for visiting my blog today, much appreciated.

    1. Thanks Wendy! We visited Portugal a few years ago, beautiful country and I look forward to returning :-)