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Standing Strong by Tina Brandau + Author Interview

Book Details:
Book Title:  Standing Strong: The Real Life Story of Overcoming Adversity and Becoming Unstoppable in Life and Business by Tina Brandau
CategoryAdult Non-Fiction (18+), 154 pages
GenreMemoir / Self-Help / Inspirational
Publisher: Red Sky Publishing
Publication Date: May 3, 2022
Content Rating: G: no bad language no sex etc
Book Description:

Is it possible to stand strong regardless of what life throws at you?

Standing Strong is a vulnerable, candid, and dramatic look into a forty-year-old woman’s journey when she found herself in the midst of a long healing process after a sudden and unimaginable accident. The doctors said she would never again function beyond that of a young child. Tina shares the story, the steps she took, and the life lessons she learned, including the unique view of the world she experienced along the way. No one gets out of this life unscathed, everyone faces stresses, challenges, setbacks, and adversity. Can you stand strong regardless of what life throws at you? Yes! Let Tina Brandau share with you the system, principles, and practices she used to help you see that anything is possible.

​Become unstoppable . . . and stand strong!

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Author Interview with Tina Brandau
There are many books out there about personal growth, resilience, hope, grit, Standing Strong and Becoming Unstoppable. What makes yours different?   
It's simple, it’s a story of a unique and unimageable accident that happened when I was 40-years-old. The accident left me with the functioning of a young child and at the bottom of a very long recovery journey. The story is about what happened to me but it also highlights so much of life everyone can see themselves in it. It also shares the way I saw the world as an adult looking through the eyes of young child giving you new and interesting insights.  
In your book you state that adults are really complicated, why is that? 
After my accident, I had to relearn how to learn, think, walk, pretty much everything. Watching people was all that I could do for some time. It would allow me to gain some of my most treasured insights into human behavior. In my childlike state, I simply processed like a child while other adults made things so hard for themselves. I share story after story of where this happened. And don’t tell everyone, let it be just amongst us, but it is one of my favorite parts of the book because it has helped open people’s eyes in new ways.  
Do you have another profession besides writing? 
Yes, several others! Since my accident I returned to being a C-Suite Executive and later started my own Coaching business. I shifted from Aspiring myself to Inspiring others. And I am anxiously awaiting a new role in just a few weeks, that of Nana.   
How long have you been writing? 
I have love writing since I was a young child. It is my happy place. Well, that and the ocean. This is my first published work. I have a dozen or so other e-books in my collection, have written several case studies, research studies, and more proposals, papers, and plans than I care to think about. This is by far my favorite and as I get feedback on what my readers want next, I will begin anew.  
What most helped you finish your book?
One person! This book was written to help one person. I said from the beginning, if it helped one person it would all be worth it. The accident, the healing, the journey, the writing, the design, all of it, worth it. Keeping the one in mind, knowing with a fire in my soul that I needed to finish this for them, made it move forward inch by inch. The book was officially launched on the 15th anniversary of my accident. It has impacted far more than the one person – and all of it was worth it. 

Meet the Author:

Tina Brandau is the premier life, leadership, and business “Success Coach.” She is an author, international speaker, coach, and founder of Success Coaching Solutions as well as a business executive of thirty years, wife, mom, lifelong learner, and serial entrepreneur. She believes the biggest challenge in life is to become all that you have the possibility of becoming.

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