Friday, 26 March 2021

My Retro Kitchen Etsy Favourites!

Have you seen Etsy's new way to organise Favourites?
Whereas before, when we hit that little red heart to Favourite items we loved, they were all jumbled in together, now we can create our own themed Favourites Lists. There's still the opportunity to simply scroll pages of diverse loveliness, but I love now being able to restrict my Favourites browsing to, say, my preselected Rainbows or Notebooks or Great T-Shirts or Vegan Greetings Cards when I know I am ready to buy.

Etsy recently got in touch and challenged me to create a post highlighting my own Favourites Lists. I considered showcasing items from each of my lists, but then got a bit carried away on my Vintage Kitchen list. I do adore retro and retro-styled kitchen utensils!
I bought my newly made Potholder, my Bel Burger Press and my Knife Sharpener, both 1970s vintage, and my 1960s Mouli food mill, all from Etsy sellers. I love that these items were built to last. They're still going strong and Etsy sellers enabled them to get a second (or third or fourth) lease of life. 

These are what I have my eye on next to complement my retro cooking - so long as no one else snaps them up before me!

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  1. There's a certain orange theme going on there - love it.