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Killer Deadline by Lauren Carr + #Giveaway

Join us for this tour from Sep 21 to Oct 16, 2020!

Book Details:

Book TitleKiller Deadline (A Nikki Bryant Cozy Mystery) by Lauren Carr
Category:  Adult Fiction (18 +),  232 pages
Genre:  Mystery/Cozy Mystery
Publisher:  Acorn Book Services
Release date:   April 23, 2020
Audiobook release date: August 5, 2020
Content Rating: G. This is a true cozy mystery. No sex. No on-stage violence. No swearing. Just good clean fun!

"Here we go! Carr is a master storyteller who always offers a plot full of twists and turns, a bit of humor to offset the dark, and a unique cast of characters. In Killer Deadline that cast includes - handsome Ryan, her first love (who is now her step-brother); a mysterious social media friend called Nerdy Guy; Elmo, a super smart dog, a boxer, she rescued who has become a social media star and has a penchant for cleaning; a TV station full of suspicious employees; and more.

"This book is a wonderful read to pick up at the end of a long day. It truly is a "cozy murder mystery."  I promise, it'll draw you in right from page one and keep you turning the pages until you reach the very last page. I can't wait for the second book in this series." - Marilyn R. Wilson, Olio by Marilyn

Book Description:

Folks in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, claim that where Nikki Bryant goes, trouble is not far behind. Her refusal to back down from a challenge has made Nikki Bryant a top investigative journalist.

When an online friend nudges her to join him in a pact to reconnect with their first loves, Nikki and her boxer dog Elmo leave the bright lights of Las Vegas for the charming town of Pine Grove. There, she must face the biggest challenges in her career and life—the first love she had left behind and her father’s unsolved murder.

But before she has time to unpack her car, Nikki stumbles upon the dead body of local news anchor, Ashleigh Addison, her childhood rival. Could Ashleigh’s death be connected to an explosive news story that she had teased about airing live? Did that explosive story have anything to do with the murder of Nikki’s father?

With the clues in her father’s cold case hot again, Nikki intends to chase down the story of her life until she catches his killer—no matter what it takes. 
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Meet the Author:

Lauren Carr is the international best-selling author of the Mac Faraday, Lovers in Crime, Chris Matheson Cold Case, and Thorny Rose Mysteries—over twenty-five titles across three fast-paced mystery series filled with twists and turns!

Killer Deadline marks Lauren's first venture into mystery's purely cozy sub-genre with a female protagonist.

Book reviewers and readers alike rave about how Lauren Carr’s seamlessly crosses genres to include mystery, suspense, crime fiction, police procedurals, romance, and humor.

​A popular speaker, Lauren is also the owner of Acorn Book Service, the umbrella under which falls iRead Book Tours. She lives with her husband and two spoiled rotten German Shepherds on a mountain in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Connect with the author: Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook  ~  Instagram ~ Pinterest ~ Bookbub

Tour Schedule:

Sep 21 – Locks, Hooks and Books – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Sep 22 – Books, Tea, Healthy Me – audiobook review / author interview / giveaway
Sep 23 – seasons of opportunities – audiobook review
Sep 23 - Rockin' Book Reviews – audiobook review / guest post / giveaway
Sep 23 - A Page Before Bedtime –book review / giveaway
Sep 24 – I'm All About Books – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 25 – Book Corner News and Reviews – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Sep 28 – Stephanie Jane – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 29 – Viviana MacKade – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Sep 29 - Blooming with Books – audiobook review / giveaway
Oct 1 – The Book View – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Oct 2 – My Journey Back – audiobook review / giveaway
Oct 5 – eBook Addicts – audiobook review
Oct 5 - Pen Possessed – book spotlight / giveaway
Oct 6 – fundinmental – book spotlight / giveaway
Oct 6 - Bound 4 Escape – audiobook review / giveaway
Oct 7 – Library of Clean Reads – book spotlight / giveaway
Oct 7 - Buried Under Books - audiobook review / giveaway
Oct 8 – Mystery Suspense Reviews – audiobook review / author interview / giveaway
Oct 9 – Hall Ways Blog – audiobook review / giveaway
Oct 12 - Amy's Booket List - audiobook review / giveaway
Oct 12 – Deborah-Zenha Adams – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Oct 13 – jea reads/instagram – book review
Oct 13 - Book Lover in Florida - book review / giveaway
Oct 13 - Jazzy Book Reviews – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Oct 14 – Christa Reads and Writes – book spotlight / guest post / giveaway
Oct 15 – My Reading Journeys – audiobook review / author interview / giveaway

Enter the Giveaway:
Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card courtesy of Lauren Carr, author of CANDIDATE FOR MURDER 
(ends Oct 16) 

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Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Spotlight on Sleeping With Shadows by Rachel Hailey + #Giveaway

Sleeping With Shadows
Rachel Hailey
Published by: FyreSyde Publishing
Publication date: September 22nd 2020
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Once The King of Nightmares, Ashe lost everything when he was betrayed. Released from prison, he’s got one goal: Stay Free. To make that happen he’ll have to rescue the girl who stole his crown while saving the court he’d rather see burn. But he can’t do it alone. He needs Callie.

Abused, neglected, and finally shunned by The Court of Light, Callie is done with court politics. It’s just too damned bad Ashe doesn’t care. He’s arrogant, manipulative, and dangerous. Everything she’s been taught to fear. It would be so easy to hate him, but the sadness in his gaze calls to her heart, and his touch awakens her own darkness. She has never wanted anyone more.

Callie is Ashe’s darkest desire, but to earn his freedom and prevent the destruction of humanity, she must embrace the destiny that will keep them apart. But is the safety of the world worth losing the kind of love he’s only dreamed of?

Goodreads / / Amazon UK


THE SOFT KNOCK STAYED HER HAND. SHE LOOKED AT THE ALARM clock blinking in her palm as if the sound had somehow come from the object. 

Before she could respond, the door swung open. The light from the hall illuminated Ashe. Callie’s mouth ran dry. 

His shirt off, jeans unbuttoned and riding low on his hips, he looked like an advertisement for lust. Her eyes roamed over his perfect chest, following the swirling tattoos that curled down deliciously defined abs and continued under the denim waistband. 

Her pulse jumped as he came toward her. Only then did she remember she was naked, not that she cared. She dropped the alarm clock, it bounced from the bed to the floor. 

She ignored it. She only had eyes for Ashe. She bit her bottom lip as anticipation zinged through her body.

“Can’t sleep,” Ashe stated, his deep husky voice made her heart beat faster. 

“No,” she whispered, still poised on her knees in the middle of the bed. 

“You?” He stalked further into her room, as graceful as a hunting cat, and ten times more sensual than any human. 

This would be amazing. 

He stopped at the edge of the mattress and folded his hands behind his back. 

“Not so much,” he replied. 

“Need help?” 

“That’s my line,” he said but didn’t move from his spot. 

She laughed softly. “Then come help me.” She crooked her finger at him and watched with appreciation as his chest moved, sending muscles rippling. 

“Lay down.” The strain in his voice was so erotic. Excitement building, she did as he bid. “Close your eyes.” 

She should have expected him to be demanding. She grinned, loving it. Her sheet landed over her body before his hands deftly moved around her form, tucking her in so the sheet hugged the curves of her body. 

His hands lingered, sending goosebumps cascading across her skin. The bed dipped as he leaned over her. 

Callie moved her head so she could watch behind slitted eyes as he hovered. 

“We have to sleep.”

Sleep was the last thing on her mind. 

He brushed his fingertips across her lips, making her shiver. As his index finger lingered against her bottom lip, her mouth fell open, and she captured the digit between her teeth. He hissed in pleasure. Emboldened by the sound, she closed her lips around his finger and swirled her tongue around the tip. She tasted victory as she heard his breath speed. 

She nipped him playfully before letting go. He growled, causing her to giggle. 

“We really need to sleep.” Ashe’s eyes were glowing, and she could feel the beat of his magic. “You said that already.” 

“I know.” Ashe leaned closer, his lips parted. 

“Kiss me,” Callie whispered.

“That would be a bad idea.” His eyes seemed to grow brighter.

Author Bio:

Rachel Hailey was born and raised in the South. She's all about that nerd life and in between writing she's dedicated herself to raising the next generation of nerds.If she's not online or staring at a book she can usually be found at the local game store rolling dice, shuffling cards, or planning her next cosplay.

Her childhood was most prominently shaped by the works of R.L. Stine, Stephen King, Anne Rice and the Brothers Grimm.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


Win an ebook copy of Sleeping With Shadows by Rachel Hailey.

Open internationally until the 1st October.

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Spotlight on Resistor by C.E. Clayton + #Giveaway

C.E. Clayton
(An Eerden Novel (Eerden 1, Ellinor, 1))
Publication date: October 1st 2020
Genres: Cyberpunk, Fantasy, New Adult

Ellinor Rask has wanted one thing for the past eight years: vengeance. But when Ellinor is captured, she finds herself dragged back into the world she walked away from, entangled once more with friends she would rather forget.

As if that weren’t humiliating enough, Ellinor learns first hand that her magic can be stripped away by a piece of bio-tech—and her ex-boss is happy to leash her with the technology in order to get what he wants. If Ellinor behaves, the device will be removed. All she has to do is deliver a package. One containing a creature created from raw magical energy and discarded technology. Simple, right?

But when her goals start getting people murdered, Ellinor has to decide if the year’s planning, her honor, and even her own magic, are worth the lives it’s costing. Dodging ruthless gangsters, she finds herself on the run with a creature of immeasurable magical abilities alongside her one-time friends. Now, Ellinor must relearn to trust the people she once abandoned. She must put her faith in technology, and her life in the hands of independent contractors, all while racing to deliver the package before it gets taken by force, or worse, the creature decides to make an appearance itself.

Goodreads / / Amazon UK


THIS WAS not the first time Ellinor Olysha Rask found herself bound and chained, and she very much doubted it would be her last. This was the longest she had ever been incarcerated, however.

Ellinor leaned back against the wall and closed her eyes, though it made no difference in the pitch black. She wiggled against the rough wall, never getting comfortable. The restraints clamped over her wrists chaffed at her skin. She lost count of the days she’d been locked in the rank cell, but she supposed it didn’t actually matter how long she’d been there, only how much longer she’d be staying.

She sighed loudly, her patience long gone. Not that she had been blessed with an abundance of composure to begin with, but her restraint had diminished considerably since Misho’s death.

Heaviness settled on her chest and shoulders as she imagined Misho’s disapproving tsk at her current predicament, and her chin started to quiver. Gritting her teeth, she knocked her head against the bumpy wall to focus her thoughts. She always lost control when she thought about Misho Shimizu, and she didn’t want to lose what little control she had left. She needed to conserve her energy.

For what? There’s no telling how long I’ve been here, or who took me. Time to stop waiting.

She hadn’t recognized who grabbed her, or how they had gotten the drop on her. She had been drinking, of course, but no more than usual. One minute, Ellinor was meeting with a contact who had information about the Ashlings she was hunting. Ashlings who needed to answer for what was done to Misho. The next? She couldn’t remember. The air—her own power!—had betrayed her. Everything went white and hazy, and a fog rolled over her memories.

She sat up straighter against the wall, breathing deeply, ignoring the aches and pains of her cramped muscles. Whatever had happened, poisoning or a knock over the head, had left her weak. Concentrating had been a chore, let alone summoning her magic. She knew she wasn’t at full strength, but better to do something than continue to wait around for whoever had nabbed her to remember they had her locked away.

Ellinor had heard of humani, beings like her, who were strong enough in air magic to blow apart buildings, and who had the skill to dismantle the most intricate of machines without destroying any of the delicate parts. Ellinor had never been that strong, nor that finessed with her talents. She had enough of the talent to make her someone most would shy away from, and it had been more than enough for her job. Using the air, she could turn otherwise fatal blows from knives or projectiles away, and coupled with her own abilities for creating mayhem, her magic had served her well, or well enough, until Misho died.

Then her power turned her into someone, something, most didn’t want to talk about. Someone the remainder of her family distanced themselves from. She lived only to avenge Misho.

The seersha, though . . . now they would have no trouble using wind to blow apart this cell, no matter how far underground they’d have to pull the air. They’d be able to use that same current to wrap themselves in an impenetrable force field then simply sail away like some cocky bird.

That didn’t mean she couldn’t cause some trouble, though.

Author Bio:

C. E. Clayton was born and raised in the greater Los Angeles area. After going the traditional career route and becoming restless, she went back to her first love--writing--and hasn't stopped. She is the author of young adult fantasy series, "The Monster of Selkirk", the creator of the cyberpunk Eerden Novels, and her horror short stories have appeared in anthologies across the country. When she's not writing you can find her treating her fur-babies like humans, constantly drinking tea, and trying to convince her husband to go to more concerts. And reading. She does read quite a bit. More about C.E. Clayton, including her blog, book reviews, social media presence, and newsletter, can be found on her website:

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / Newsletter


Win a Resistor character art pack.

Open to the USA only until the 1st October.

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Spotlight on Changed by Vicki Stiefel + #Giveaway

Vicki Stiefel
(The Made Ones Saga, #2)
Publication date: August 13th 2020
Genres: Adult, Fantasy, Romance

What if you could be young again? Would it be a dream come true or truly a nightmare?

That’s the startling reality retired circus trapeze artist Breena Balážová awakens to on the world of Eleutia in her own re-engineered younger body. For a woman whose death on Earth was inches away, it seems like a second chance at life. But in this parallel world, where horses fly and animals and humans are symbionts, Bree is intended as breeding stock to balance the plummeting female birthrate.

As she searches for her missing sisters, who were pulled to Eleutia with her, Bree also must survive assassination attempts, the growing threat of war, and her unexpected attraction to the arrogant animal Clan Alpha, Gato, a man with terrible burdens and secrets.

The animal Clans join forces to combat a dark conspiracy that will shake the foundations of their world, even as Bree’s search for her sisters grows more desperate and dangerous.

If Bree has any hope of finding her sisters and fulfilling her own destiny, she and Gato must carry out a perilous deception, their success or failure deciding not only their own fate, but that of all Eleutia.

Goodreads / / Amazon UK / Kobo

Barnes & Noble / iBooksThe Book Depository


Breena has never been on a mistral, and Gato takes her for a ride on Pegasa. (Mistrals are flying horse-like animals. Their wings fold into their bodies and disappear when not flying. They are magic.)


Bree sat in front of Gato atop Pegasa, her heart beating in time to the mistral’s wings. She had never, never, experienced anything as amazing, not even flying the trapeze. They climbed high enough for the air to cool, and Gato had wrapped her in his jacket. With one of his arms snugged around her, she was toasty warm. 

Pegasa ate up the skies above CatHome, and now headed toward an ocean blue enough to hurt her eyes. 

“We wear goggles in battle,” he said, his warm breath tickling her ear. “Today, we take it slow and easy.”

It didn’t feel slow or easy as the mare dipped and soared. Soon they flew above the waves, dropping lower still until the mistral appeared to dance on the crests, the ocean spray flecking Bree’s cheeks. She laughed for the joy of it, the freedom of it, and she wanted to fling her arms around Gato, press her hands to his cheeks, and take those snarky, sensitive lips with hers. She wanted to tell him he’d stolen her heart and to love him fully. And yet…The Challenge. The fucking Challenge. 

She sighed.

“Are you tired?” She turned her face and brushed a hand across his cheek. He stiffened. He always stiffened nowadays, and not in the good way. 

Pegasa wheeled around, heading back to shore. “Must we return? I could fly forever, fly into infinity to see what was next.”

“The Fates seldom give up their secrets.”

“Neither do you.”

He remained stubbornly silent. She melted against him, reveling in the pleasure of his warmth and strength, that she was always safe with him. And then, for all the thrill of being sky high, she dozed.

Author Bio:

Vicki’s fantasy romantic suspense series, The Afterworld Chronicles, launched with Chest of Bone, followed by Chest of Stone and Chest of Time. She is currently pounding the keys on her series’ fourth novel, Chest of Fire, and the first in a new series, The Made Ones Sags: Altered.
Her mystery/thrillers include Body Parts, The Dead Stone, The Bone Man, and The Grief Shop, a Daphne du Maurier prize winner. All feature homicide counselor Tally Whyte. All are available as ebooks.
She co-wrote (with Lisa Souza) and photographed the 10 Secrets of the LaidBack Knitters. With her late husband, William G. Tapply, she ran The Writers Studio workshops in creative fiction.
Vicki taught fiction writing and modern media writing at Clark University.
She loves both a well-crafted sentence and unlocking the doors of a student’s imagination.
She grew up in professional theater and planned to become an actress, with a bent for song and dance. She didn’t. Instead, she’s been a professional photographer, a high-school teacher, a hamburger slinger, a scuba-shop manager, and an editor.
She’s Blake’s and Ben’s mom, her favorite role of all.
Her passions include scuba diving and fly fishing and knitting; photography and movies; vinho verde and bourbon (not together!); Maine lobster and chocolate (also not together!); and musical comedy scores, which she sing in the shower, unfortunately not an Equity venue; and a fascination with people in all walks of life.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


Win a $25 Amazon GC, a signed paperback, or jewellery.

Open to the US only until the 1 st October.

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Spotlight on Minute Zero by Chris Jayne + #Giveaway

Join us for this tour from Sep 11 to Oct 2, 2020!

Book Details:

Book Title:  Minute Zero (Stronghold Book 1) by Chris Jayne
Category:  Adult Fiction (18 +),  200 pages
Genre:  Thriller, Post Apocalyptic
Publisher:  Inferis Press
Release date:   Sep 11, 2020
Tour dates: Sep 11 to Oct 2, 2020
Content Rating:  Rated PG-13+M for violent scenes and language, but there is no sex.

Book Description:

When the world ends in a heartbeat, suddenly old secrets don’t matter anymore. But new ones still do, and protecting the ones you love is the only thing that still remains.

Two sisters, one a trendy caterer on the run from a vicious killer, the other a country midwife. Because of a simple mistake, Lori Dovner must flee from the vicious mafioso Raoul Saldata, and her life goes from routine day to terrifying journey in a single moment. On the road with her two children, her only goal is to get to her sister’s Montana farm alive. But both Lori and Louise have been hiding a devastating secret for years.

Two brothers, one a Navy Seal on leave, the other a good man who wants to do right by his family. Captain Deacon Hale is taking two weeks to help his brother Roger and his wife Louise on their remote Montana farm. He loved Lori once, but has finally put her behind him. Roger Hale just wants to give his pregnant wife and two young children a good life. He has no idea about the betrayals that have been hidden from him.

Dangerous identity.
Angela Jones is an FBI agent with a terrible debt that she knows she will someday have to pay. And when Raoul Saldata calls in that marker she has no choice but to comply.

Evil incarnate.
Raoul Saldata as a child in Albania, would pretend he was a dhampir, the offspring resulting from the mating between a human female and a vampire. A myth of course, but the evil Saldata practices is anything but. And when he finds Lori Dovner, he intends to do a lot more than just kill her.

MINUTE ZERO (Stronghold: Book One) is an apocalyptic EMP thriller (with a touch of romance) about an ordinary family struggling to stay safe and find each other in the face of insurmountable odds, an abysmal loss of life and the dawn of a new, post-apocalyptic dark age.

BUY THE BOOK: ~ Amazon UKB&N ~ Kobo

Meet the Author:

Could it happen?  Would you survive?

Chris Jayne is author of the apocalyptic EMP series “Stronghold.”

Jayne is also the penname of a USA Today bestselling romance and thriller author who is has started asking “what if?”  What if the lights go off?  What if the food supply chain just… stops?   The world could become an unfriendly place in a hurry.

Three years ago, Chris began exploring the “prepper” lifestyle, and hopes that if TEOTWAWKI would actually happen, she would be in a position to protect her family and loved ones.

She now spends her days splitting her time between her romance writing and her apocalyptic and dystopian fiction novels. Because what's more fun than imagining the end of the world from the comfort of your couch?  And if the end of the world has a few sexy Navy Seals in it?  All the better!

She loves writing stories exploring how ordinary people cope with extraordinary circumstances, especially situations where the normal comforts, conveniences, and rules are stripped away.

Connect with the Author:  website 

Tour Schedule:

Sep 11 – My Fictional Oasis – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 11 - Working Mommy Journal – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 11 - Splashes of Joy – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 14 – FUONLYKNEW – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 15 – Rajiv's Reviews – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 15 - – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 16 – GinaRaeMitchell – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 17 – Stephanie Jane – book spotlight
Sep 17 - Lisa-Queen of Random – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 18 – Rockin' Book Reviews – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 21 – Adventurous Jessy – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 22 – Jazzy Book Reviews – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 23 – Sefina Hawke's Books – book spotlight
Sep 24 – My Reading Journeys – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 25 – Books Lattes & Tiaras – book spotlight
Sep 28 – She Just Loves Books – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 29 – Book Corner News and Reviews – book spotlight / giveaway
Sep 30 – Literary Flits – book spotlight / giveaway
Oct 1 – Books for Books – book spotlight
Oct 2 – Locks, Hooks And Books – book spotlight / giveaway
Oct 2 - Celticlady's Reviews – book spotlight / giveaway

Enter the Giveaway: 
Win a $5 Amazon Gift Card courtesy of Chris Jayne, author of MINUTE ZERO (Stronghold Book 1)
(USA only) (ends October 9)

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Spotlight on Eternal Curse by Kara Leigh Miller + #Giveaway

Eternal Curse
Kara Leigh Miller
(The Cursed Series, #1)
Publication date: September 15th 2020
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

After pulling the plug on her mother’s life support, seventeen-year-old Chloe Madison moves to live with relatives she hardly knows. Her new hometown in the Adirondack Mountains is barely more than a pinpoint on the map, but it’s shrouded in deadly secrets and strange family legends. Chloe is determined to keep her head down, finish high school, and get the heck out of there. Until she meets the enigmatic Trent Halstead. Something intriguing hides beneath his quiet self-assurance and hero hair. Maybe there’s something—or someone—worth sticking around for after all.

But when a rash of unsolved murders leaves two of Chloe’s classmates dead, she begins to suffer from disturbing hallucinations that build to the horrifying image of Trent as a murderous vampire. With nowhere else to go, she’s stuck in a town she hates, surrounded by people she can’t trust, and she’s pretty sure she’s going to be lunch.

If all that isn’t bad enough, Trent is hiding a lethal secret, besides the whole immortal bloodsucker thing. He’s the not-so-proud owner of an ancient, family curse—no Halstead will ever know true love—and he’s desperate to find a way to break the curse. Could Chloe be the key to his happiness or just another secret Trent wished he never unlocked?

Goodreads / Amazon


He hopped out of the truck and was around to my side with the door open before I even had my seatbelt unhooked.

“Everything all right?” He tucked his cell phone into his pocket, concern blanketing his face.

“Yeah. Why?”

“You were frowning pretty intently.”

“Oh.” It was sweet how he was so worried. “Guess the heat is getting to me,” I said with a faint smile. The temperature must have jumped twenty degrees while we were at Trent’s house.

Trent put his hand on my forehead like he was checking me for a fever. The stark contrast of his cool hand against my heated skin made me shiver.

“You are pretty hot.” He winked.

I laughed. “That’s a horrible line.”

He raised a brow and lightly dragged his fingers down the side of my face, stopping to cup my cheek, making the hairs on my arms stand on edge. I looked into his crystal-clear eyes and held my breath. His mouth was so close, and I wanted nothing more than to feel his lips on mine. Why wouldn’t he just kiss me already?

“Do you trust me?” His voice was soft, almost hesitant.


It amazed me how quickly and easily I said that—and how much I meant it. I barely knew him, but deep down in the darkest corners of my soul, I knew he would never hurt me. I didn’t know how I knew that, but I did.

Slowly, Trent closed the distance between us. His lips pressed against mine, featherlight and much too quick. In the split second when our lips connected, I was hit with a wave of intense longing that had my knees shaking. And then in the next moment, he straightened and moved away from me.

Trent cleared his throat and rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry.”

Author Bio:

Kara Leigh Miller is a full-time wife; stay-at-home mom to 4 kids, 3 pit bulls, and 6 cats; writer, and the Editorial Director at Anaiah Press. When she’s not herding her family, she’s working out, reading, or binge watching Netflix. She's previously published two adult Christian romantic suspense books that are no longer in publication. Though she’s published a young adult Christian romance (Perfectly Imperfect), Eternal Curse is her first foray into the secular young adult market.

Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub / Amazon / Newsletter


Win a $25 Amazon gift card.

Open internationally until the 24th September.

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Monday, 14 September 2020

Spotlight on The Captive King by Susan Copperfield + #Giveaway

The Captive King
Susan Copperfield
(Royal States #3)
Publication date: February 12th 2018
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

In the Royal States of America, magic rules all, but life—and love—always finds a way.

At the Texas Charity Auction, money can buy anything, and Summer Cassidy is under orders to take advantage of the opportunity. While she believes the marital collar once worn by an Aztec queen belongs in a museum, it’s up to her to sell the priceless treasure to one of the elite in attendance.

Meeting Bachelor #103, a man who finds her descriptions of human sacrifice charming rather than appalling, hadn’t been part of her plans. Buying his company for a quarter hadn’t been part of her plans, either.

One coffee date, a dinner, and a curse later, Summer’s catapulted across the Royal States on an adventure that will forever change her life, alter the course of an entire kingdom, and give her a chance to earn a love capable of defying even death.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo


How had I gotten saddled with attending the Texas charity auction? I wanted to return to my tent in Mexico and hide, but no. Someone from the Nahua dig team at Joya de Ballesteros had to convince some overly wealthy, braindead elite to part with his money, and by virtue of being the only intern with tits, I’d gotten the job.

Hell, I was the only woman at Site C, and most of the team wasn’t sure what to think about that. The ones who weren’t busy trying to get into my pants blamed me for each and every disruption.

After the first time I’d buried a would-be assaulter neck deep in dirt, they’d kept their harassment verbal so history wouldn’t repeat itself.

If I wanted my doctorate, I needed to shut the hell up, sell the damned jade Nahua marital collar for top dollar, and deal with the humiliation of being the only unmasked attendee at a bloody masquerade ball.

I wished I was wearing something other than muddy cargo pants with pockets full of digging tools.

A little warning would’ve been nice.

“The last time a woman attended an auction looking like she’d just come in from the fields, she charmed herself a king,” a man murmured behind me.

The last thing I needed was to be compared to the talk of the entire auction, the future wife of Montana’s king. I scowled, clutching the polished wooden box containing the jade necklace to my chest. “I was at a temple, not a field.”

A field would’ve been a lot nicer; in some ways, I appreciated the respite from the smothering jungle humidity and the incessant attention of thirsty mosquitos.

“A temple? Were they having a mud-wrestling competition?”

I bit the bullet and turned to face him. He wore a suit like every other man present at the auction, although his was navy rather than the standard black. Unlike everyone else, he wore a plain black mask, just enough to cover his face so he couldn’t be readily identified. I found his lack of feathers, gemstones, and trappings reassuring.

He was either like me—a goose stuck among swans—or he was an elite with no fucks left to give about what anyone thought of him.

Author Bio:

Susan Copperfield is the royal romance, urban fantasy loving alter ego of award-winning & USA Today bestselling novelist RJ Blain.

Under the super not-so-secret identity of Susan, the Royal States of America is explored, where the work of sixteen founding royal families preserved the United States from destruction and civil war when magic swept over the world.

In the Royal States, life, love, and magic always finds a way.

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Friday, 11 September 2020

Spotlight on Phantoms in the Moonlight Anthology + #Giveaway

Phantoms in the Moonlight
Alaine Greyson, Marie McGrath, S. C. Morgan
Publication date: September 8th 2020
Genres: Adult, Horror, Thriller
11 stories to fright and delight. As the air turns cooler and bonfires take over the night, gather around the fire for stories of fall fun, strange occurrences and abject terror.
These stories published by authors S. C. Morgan, Marie McGrath and Alaine Greyson are sure to get your heart pumping and take your imagination on a wild ride.
Lucifer. The Devil? The night had taken a turn for the worse. Trudy glanced at the pill bottle. Forget the rest of today. This haunting of a witch, sorceress, and now the Devil was enough to end things. No one would ever believe her if she explained.
“Whenever I see opportunity, I’m there. This is no different. Besides, I’m convinced this will be an easy sell.” Lucifer nodded toward Miranda. “Sending in the young ones to do an adult’s job? No worries. Just makes my sell easier.”
Miranda balled her fists and pursed her lips. She stepped toward Lucifer, but Gretchen pushed her onto the couch.
“It would help if you turned the lights back on, Luce. If you want a conversation, it helps if she can see you.”
Without thinking, Trudy latched onto Miranda’s arm. The darkness was good enough. She didn’t want to know what the Devil looked like and confirm her childhood nightmares. Trudy squeezed her eyes shut as a loud clap reverberated around the room.
Miranda elbowed Trudy in the ribs. “Open your eyes.”
Trudy covered her face with her hands. “This is a dream. That means a beastlike red creature is standing in my living room. I’m good.”
Miranda giggled. “Beastlike? Do you believe everything you read? Stop believing the stereotypes and open your eyes.”
Trudy removed her hands from her face and blinked. Standing next to Gretchen was the handsomest man she had ever seen. His black hair fell to one side; his smile illuminated his green eyes and his dimples. The Devil had dimples. Trudy couldn’t wrap her head around his appearance. Wasn’t the Devil supposed to be ugly, carry a pitchfork, and have a tail?
Lucifer snapped his fingers. “It’s rude to stare.” He strolled toward Trudy and positioned himself on the cushion next to her. “Had a bad day, hun?”
Trudy stifled a laugh. This was too much. “You could say that.”
Miranda leaned across Trudy and met Lucifer’s gaze. “We already discussed her job and her mother.”
“And …?”
Gretchen sighed. “We got nowhere. Something else is causing her pain.”
Lucifer stroked his chin. “Losing your job and almost losing your mom wasn’t enough to push you over the edge.” A gleam appeared in Lucifer’s eyes. “It’s a boy. It’s always a boy. You’re dating that lawyer, Carter, right?”
Trudy scowled. “None of your business.”
“Ah, my dear, but it is my business. Everything is my business. What happened? Did he break up with you?”
“I’m not discussing it, so, if the three of you would leave …”
Miranda stroked the back of her hand. “It’s okay. Let it out. We’re here to help.”
Gretchen smirked. “We’re here to help. I’m not too sure about Luce.”
“I enjoy a good breakup story. Let’s hear it. Trudy? We’re waiting.”
Trudy shifted her gaze from Gretchen to Lucifer. Was this a nightly thing, going around town to counsel people about their bad days? She didn’t figure the Devil for the listening type. “Carter’s a jerk who doesn’t deserve my headspace.”
“Yet you’d kill yourself over him?” Lucifer asked. “Interesting.”
Trudy stood and glared at Lucifer. “You don’t understand. No one understands. I lost everything today. My job, my mom, Carter.”
“Technically your mom is—”
“Unless you can change things, shut up.”
Lucifer bowled over in laughter. “Oh, honey, I can change things. But can you pay the price?”

Author Bio:
S. C. Morgan lives outside of Toronto, Ontario with his wife, three kids and a dog, and spends the daylight working for a big bank’s Marketing Dept and the night time putting pen to paper. His short story Watch Your Step appeared in the Unleashed: Monsters Vs Zombies Anthology and The Old Thomson House was featured in’s horror newsletter. For more information about S. C. Morgan’s stories and reviews, you can follow him on Twitter at @SCMorganAuthor and #SCMorganReviews.
Marie McGrath lives in a small rural town in Maryland. She hopes to inspire others with her stories. Her favorite genres to read are YA Romance and Contemporary Fiction. She loves the color turquoise, tigers, and listening to music.
Alaine Greyson lives outside of Baltimore, Maryland with her husband, son and cocker spaniel puppy. She loves to push the envelope with her stories and strives to make her readers sympathize with characters from all backgrounds. Alaine is an avid reader and considers Jane Austen and Diana Gabaldon to be her literary heroes. She loves Mexican food, 80s music and is a Robert Downey Jr. super-fan. You will find mentions of things she loves throughout her books.

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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Guardian Of The Sky Realms by Gerry Huntman + #Giveaway + Excerpt

Guardian Of The Sky Realms by Gerry Huntman
Published by Meerkat Press on the 1st September 2020.

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Maree Webster—an "almost-emo" from the western suburbs of Sydney—hates school, has few friends, and is obsessed with angels and fallen angel stories. Life is boring until she decides to steal a famous painting from a small art gallery that has been haunting her dreams: swirling reds, grays and oranges of barely discernible winged figures. There, she meets a stranger who claims to know her and stumbles into a world where cities float in the sky, and daemons roam the barren, magma-spewing crags of the land far below. And all is not well—Maree is turning into something she loves but at the same time, fears. Most fearful of all is the prospect of losing her identity—what makes her Maree, and more importantly, what makes her human. Guardian of the Sky Realms takes the reader on a journey through exotic fantasy lands, as well as across the globe, from Sydney to Paris, from the Himalayas to Manhattan. At its heart, it is a novel about transformation. Book two of the series will be released in 2021.


The Painting AD 2015

It was a balmy night but Maree shivered, buttoning up her coat. It was fear. Not for something specific, but the unknown —the back lanes of the Rocks were dark and menacing at midnight. This was one of the oldest parts of Sydney and many of the narrow buildings she silently passed were over two hundred years old. In the old days, footpads and other villains frequented the narrow byways. They killed for a few shillings. The history of the area was tangible; you could smell it, taste it, and every shadow seemed to form into a knife-wielding psychopath. Maree kept reminding herself that she had an overactive imagination as she continued down Kendell Lane, looking for No. 42. Still, she glanced over her shoulder every few seconds. “There,” she whispered, when she spotted the rusty number in the dim light. The sign underneath it read: Azimuth Gallery. Viewings by appointment only Not this night. Maree made sure no one was in sight. She pulled out a pair of stiff wires and clumsily picked the old lock, following the instructions of a dubious website she had looked up the previous night. It took a while, but she won the struggle when she heard the tell-tale click. She quickly entered the old building and shut the door. She pulled out a pocket torch and flashed it around to get her bearings. It was, in some ways, scarier in the gallery than in the lanes, as the paintings in the shadows appeared to come to life, shifting as the torch flickered by, the eyes of abstract figures seemingly following her. She shivered again, wandering into the next room, picking up her pace as if to avoid the gaze of the phantoms behind her. Her torchlight almost immediately found the painting she was after. Wings in Despair. The picture she saw on the web; the magnificent work of art she had to have. This was not going to be theft for profit—this was for her. She had been dreaming about the painting for weeks, the swirling reds, grays and oranges of barely discernible winged figures; angels perhaps, but the subject matter wasn’t angelic. There was grief and death in it. She needed to study it alone, to absorb the artist’s impression, to feel the bumps of paint under her fingertips, to grasp the complete meaning of the work. Maree held her breath and approached the painting. It was larger than she thought, almost four-foot square. The colors were also richer, more vivid, and the winged man and . . . yes, woman! were more evident. She was in awe, frozen with wonder before it. “A beautiful work, no?” came a deeply masculine voice from behind her. She started in surprise, but she didn’t move an inch. She was frozen with fear. The voice came again, this time a little closer. “Don’t worry. I’m a stranger in this gallery as well. I too have an . . . affinity with the painting.” A cold sweat bead ran down Maree’s neck. She found the courage to turn around. A tall man stood before her, no more than five feet away. He had short-cropped hair—light, but the exact color was unclear in the shadows. His eyes were pale, perhaps gray; his face was thin but his body seemed full and fit. It was hard to tell his age; perhaps in his early twenties, possibly older. “I suppose you are wondering why I am here?” Maree’s voice was weak, still with fear. “I . . . I suppose so . . .” “I also wanted to see the painting. I have looked upon it before but never tire of viewing the captured emotions on the canvas.” He slipped past Maree and came within a few feet of Wings in Despair. “Do you mind?” he asked, pointing to her torch. She complied, standing next to the stranger, and illuminated the painting. The mysterious visitor’s voice mellowed, almost breaking with emotion. “This is the story of Alanar, Guardian of the Northern Sky Realm, and his share-heart, Mirriam. They were Protectors and fought the daemons of the Fire Lands valiantly, never allowing the enemy to taint the Homelands. Protectors always work in pairs, as a team.” The stranger started to cry, not vocally, just allowing the tears to slowly flow down his cheeks. “One day a stray arrow dug deep into Mirriam’s breast, piercing her heart. Alanar was devastated, and he caught her as she fell and carried her in his flight to the Homelands. “This painting captures the moment when Mirriam’s body was caught. It faithfully portrays the agony of Alanar, his yellow-tipped wings rippling in the wind as he concludes his terrible descent. The swirling colors reflect the awful light of the Fire Lands but they also depict Alanar’s darkened heart. I look upon this work and I cannot but weep.” His words rang true to Mirriam. How could this be? she asked herself, for this was but an artist’s fantasy; and yet she now realized why she was drawn to the painting. There was some inherent truth on the canvas. It said something to her that she needed. She also began to weep. He turned his gaze to her. “You feel this too?” She could only nod. Words were too difficult at that moment. “And why?” She shrugged her shoulders. She still couldn’t speak. “Come with me.” Maree turned to the stranger. She saw compassion in his face, and yet they only met a few minutes ago. Maree wanted to instantly reply “yes” but all she could do was stare at him quizzically. He laughed while he cried. “Look at the painting again.” She did. The swirling colors suddenly came to life; they actually were swirling. “You are linked with this painting in so many ways,” Alanar said. “From the moment you were born you were meant to do this.” She didn’t know why but she allowed herself to fall into the painting, and then, without warning, she unfurled her expansive, blue-tipped wings, and flew into the maelstrom of colors. Alanar gently grasped her shoulders, to steady her clumsy flight. “It has been a long time, Mirriam.”

Meet the author   

Gerry Huntman is a writer and publisher based in Melbourne Australia, living with his wife and young daughter. He has sold over 50 short fiction pieces, most of which are dark and for mature audiences, but he also has a love for middle grade fiction. He loves travel and gets many of his story ideas from distant lands and culture, but is equally happy with the cafe set in his hometown.

Author links: 
Website ~ Twitter

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Monday, 7 September 2020

Spotlight on Stay by Jessica Frances + #Giveaway

Jessica Frances
(In Midsummer #3)
Publication date: September 4th 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance
One screaming baby. One too many diaper disasters. One surprise shooter. One victim. One perpetrator. One blast from the past.
Having a surprise baby dropped at your doorstep has to be the worst kind of relationship buzzkill in history. Instead of dating, now Rocky and I have shifted into becoming exhausted parents with zero time for any kind of fun. Everything is moving so fast that something has to give. I just hope that something won’t be us.
Then, when a shooter comes after Rocky and their aim is a little too close for comfort, important questions need to be answered. Who wants Rocky dead? How far are they willing to go to make it happen? How much luck can one person have before it runs out? And where on earth did Rocky put those spare baby diapers?
With someone gunning for not only Rocky but also our relationship, one has to wonder just how many hits we can take before it all falls apart.
“Is he still peeing over your face?” He says this so casually, as though this is a completely normal question to be asking your partner. Although, I suppose it probably is completely normal for many parents.
“Unfortunately, I’m fun to aim at.”
I stand up and watch Rocky point his finger at Ryder. “Please stop peeing over Conner’s face. I’d rather like my boyfriend pee-free if possible.”
Ryder grabs ahold of Rocky’s finger and wipes his slobber over it.
“Thanks for standing up for me. You really told him,” I drawl, rolling my eyes. It seems everyone listens to Rocky except for his kids, who seem immune to his commanding tone. Ryder isn’t even biologically his, and he still isn’t affected.
“Fine, how about this?” He turns to face Ryder again. “You give us one night completely uninterrupted, and I’ll give you one night free pass when you’re older to skip vegetables.”
I shake my head again. “Think you gotta know your audience.”
“Fine, how would you do it?”
I lift Ryder up and turn him to face me. “Ryder, I promise you this will be much funnier if you pee on him instead. So, try that from now on, got it?”
“Hey!” Rocky gives me a gentle shove while I laugh.
Ryder seems to sense the mood and grins.

Author Bio:
Jessica lives in Adelaide, South Australia. When she is not writing, you can find her reading, napping or watching excessive amounts of TV. Connect with her on Facebook and Goodreads.

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Friday, 4 September 2020

Spotlight on Matched by Paris Wynters + #Giveaway

Welcome to my stop during the MATCHED Blog Tour. Matched by Paris Wynters is now available. This contemporary romance delivers swoons, snark and heat. Fans of the arranged marriage trope will want to dive in and meet Anthony & Inara.

Check it out, enjoy a sneak peek and order your copy! Don't forget to enter the giveaway.

Matched by Paris Wynters


Can they forget their pasts and commit to a future together?

After a dangerous mission, Navy SEAL Anthony Martinez lets adrenaline and loneliness cloud his judgment when he signs up for the military’s spouse matching program without his Commanding Officer’s approval. Of course, nothing has ever come easy for Tony. He’s matched to a woman he’s already hit on and struck out with. Then his CO threatens his dreams of attending Officer Candidate School leaving Tony with only one option—make the marriage work.

Inara Ramirez has always wanted love and a family, but her luck with romance is as bad as her serial divorcee mother’s. Determined to find the one, she signs up with the military’s science-based spouse matching program. She’s thrilled to be matched until she realizes her new husband is the cockiest, flirtiest and hottest Navy SEAL she’s ever met.

Inara is determined to make the marriage work but Tony’s only planning on a year tops. Is it possible that science and fate have created the perfect match?

Sneak a peek...

Because I don’t want to startle her into burning herself, I wait until she closes the oven door and twists the knob to the off position before I dare make a sound. She turns when I clear my throat—as much fair warning as a guy who hasn’t taken his morning piss can give—and looks me up and down, stopping when she gets to my waistline and gapes like she’s seen a ghost. “Jesus, Tony. You don’t own pants?”
Relief floods me when I look down and find I’m still covered. For a second there, I’d thought maybe I’d flashed her somehow. “At eight in the morning, I don’t know that I own anything.”
She looks over her shoulder at me. Her skin is the shade of a ripe tomato and her eyes are wide. “We need boners.”
Now it’s my turn to gape. “Excuse me?”
The red shade on her face turns fifty shades darker. “I mean, rules. About boners.”
“Rules about boners?” My lips twitch. Now this is a conversation I am more than willing to take part in.
“You aren’t allowed to have boners.” She shakes her head again and rolls her eyes. “I mean in the kitchen. Or in the house at all.”
“So, I should confine my boner to the front yard? Won’t the neighbors complain?” I should take pity on her and stop, but I can’t help myself. Seeing her flustered is refreshing. Breathtaking. Hot as fuck. “Besides, I can’t help what you do to me. In the kitchen. Or anywhere else, for that matter.”
“My mom could come over.” She’s looking everywhere but at me. Still cute. “She’ll see your—” she shakes her head and sputters, then points. “That.”
To my credit—for which, I should get big kudos—I don’t point out that history and her birth prove her mother knows her way around a boner. Instead, I walk closer and reach around her for an apple sitting on the counter in a powder-blue fruit bowl that matches the wall color, the coffee maker and a stand mixer I can’t wait to show her I know how to use. Chicks love guys who can cook. It’s helped me score on more than one occasion. But while I’m ready to score with my new wife whenever she says the word, a part of me is just as eager to prove to her I’m good for more than terrible pick-up lines.
She gives a little gasp as my fingers brush against hers, and I shiver. Yeah, no. Getting to know my wife in the biblical sense definitely edges out proving my usefulness on the scale of things I’d like to accomplish today.
I could cover up. Could even take a piss and get rid of the problem, but this is more fun than I’ve had in a couple of days. More like months. And I’m not itching to hurry it away. “So, is this breakfast you’ve baked for me?”
Her eyes go dark, what could be classified as deadly, and she smiles slow, devious, a smirk of proportions so epic, I’ve never seen another like it. “Cold day in hell, mi esposo. And before you even think to open that stupid mouth of yours once more, for the indefinite future, your situations are your problem.” She wax-on/wax-offs her hands in front of her. “This is off limits until further notice.”
She’s pretty confident for a woman who hasn’t benefitted from the full effects of said situations. I cross my arms, stare directly at her, and wiggle my eyebrows playfully. “I think we’re gonna need to check the contract on that.”
She cackles and I’m reminded of a children’s movie. Wicked witch and all. “I checked already. As soon as I saw your name. And guess what? You’re on your own, big boy. No boner clause is in the contract.”
I cock my head. She’s taking a bit too much delight for my liking. “Pretty sure of yourself, huh? Think you can resist”—I mimic her wax-on/wax-off move—“all of this?” I add a little hip thrust for good measure.
She goes rigid at first and narrows her eyes. Then her smirk becomes wider and brighter. “Without breaking a sweat.”

About the Author

Paris Wynters is an adult romance author repped by Tricia Skinner at Fuse Literary. She lives on Long Island in New York with her family, which includes two psychotic working dogs. Paris is a graduate of Loyola University Chicago. Paris and her son are nationally certified Search and Rescue personnel (she is a canine handler). She is a huge supporter of the military/veteran community. When not writing, Paris enjoys playing XBOX (she is a huge HALO fanatic and also enjoys FORTNITE), watching hockey (Go Islanders), and trying new things like flying planes and taking trapeze classes.



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Thursday, 3 September 2020

Spotlight on Revved To The Maxx by Melanie Moreland + #Giveaway

Revved To The Maxx
Melanie Moreland
Publication date: September 3rd 2020
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Maxx Reynolds needs help.
His shop, house, and life are all in a state of disarray.
In desperation, he turns to the internet to hire a new employee,
thinking it will make his life easier
What he expects is a fellow named Charly.
What he gets is a quirky, sassy, red-head named
Charlynn who runs circles around him.
And she’s all woman.
He can’t stand her.
He can’t keep his hands off her either.
On Monday, I carried a sandwich into the garage, setting it on the workbench. It had been a hectic morning, and I’d barely had time to talk to Maxx at all. At one point he’d received a call that he’d walked outside to take, and when he came back, his glower was deeper than usual. I knew better than to ask him about it, though. Instead, I stayed busy.
Maxx was talking to a customer as I went by. He was busy with his hands as he worked on a nice-looking Yamaha. But he glanced up, and I offered him a smile. “Your lunch, boss man, whenever you’re hungry.”
He nodded, his attention on the man he was talking to. The man chuckled. “Wow—she’s good. You get lunch?”
Maxx made a low noise, and the customer stepped forward, his hand outstretched. “Cam.”
I shook his hand. “Charly.”
“Pleasure.” He indicated Maxx. “You’re far cuter than this lug. You smile too.”
I had to laugh. “It’s part of the service now.”
“What else is included?” Cam teased.
“I want those numbers this afternoon, Charly,” Maxx snapped. “Stop flirting and get to work.”
Cam threw back his head in amusement. “I hope you get paid well for putting up with the attitude.”
“I think Maxx considers that one of the perks.”
Cam chuckled and looked at Maxx. “I like this one.”
Maxx snorted. Like a real blow the air through your nose and huff at the same time sort of snort. He glared at Cam. “Hands off my staff. I have a firm no mixing business with pleasure policy. Charly can’t date my customers.”
I managed to hide my surprise at his words. He had never mentioned anything of the sort. And I highly doubted Cam was looking for a date. His tone was teasing and friendly but not personal. He didn’t look remotely interested in me. His next words confirmed that.
Cam frowned. “My wife will be happy to hear that, Maxx. Relax. I was just being nice.” He eyed him. “You might want to try it.”
“I’m plenty nice.”
I had to turn and walk away to stop my laughter. Cam spoke again. “Back to the event. You have to go, Maxx.”
“I can’t. I’m booked solid.”
“Can’t you put it off?”
“No. I can’t just close the garage, Cam.”
“It’s an amazing opportunity.”
My steps faltered. What opportunity?
“I guess it’s one I will simply have to say no to.”
Cam huffed and called my name. “Charly!”
“Um, yes?”
“Can you reschedule your boss here so he can be gone for a while?”
I met Maxx’s expression. It was filled with warning, intense and dark. Telling me not to speak.
I decided to push back a little. I was tired of being quiet. “I can check.”
Cam smirked and crossed his arms. “Great.”

Author Bio:
NYT/WSJ/USAT international bestselling author Melanie Moreland, lives a happy and content life in a quiet area of Ontario with her beloved husband of thirty-plus years and their rescue cat, Amber. Nothing means more to her than her friends and family, and she cherishes every moment spent with them.
While seriously addicted to coffee, and highly challenged with all things computer-related and technical, she relishes baking, cooking, and trying new recipes for people to sample. She loves to throw dinner parties, and also enjoys traveling, here and abroad, but finds coming home is always the best part of any trip.
Melanie loves stories, especially paired with a good wine, and enjoys skydiving (free falling over a fleck of dust) extreme snowboarding (falling down stairs) and piloting her own helicopter (tripping over her own feet.) She's learned happily ever afters, even bumpy ones, are all in how you tell the story.
Melanie is represented by Flavia Viotti at Bookcase Literary Agency. For any questions regarding subsidiary or translation rights please contact her at

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