Sunday, 26 May 2019

The Best #SlowCooker Chocolate Banana Cake #baking

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We lit our first firebowl of the summer season this week! Dave's repurposed a barbecue which was left behind by the previous owners of our static (and it can still be used as a barbecue too though neither of us are that keen on barbecued food). It's much smaller than the firebowl we had in Polegate so perfect for our bit of riverbank and you can see Dave's impressive logpile in the background of the photo! We sat out until nearly 10pm chatting, watching the flames and listening to a few birds and frogs who didn't want to go to bed either.

I reviewed a great Indian cookery book this week (Spices And Seasons by Rinku Battacharya) and was delighted that Heather at Based On A True Story commented to let me know about her monthly foodie books linkup. Any post you've written about food-related books can be shared so recipe books, foodie memoirs, cafe-based cozy mysteries, ...!

Also cooking related, I baked up possibly The Best Chocolate Banana Cake ever! In the slow cooker too - my Morphy Richards Sear And Stew model does bake excellent cakes! Light enough to be a little crumbly, but still with a slightly fudgy texture reminiscent of brownies. I was amazed we managed to make it last two days!

If you'd like to make this cake yourself, simply add the following ingredients to a large mixing bowl, stirring in after each addition:
3 large ripe mashed bananas,
50g rapeseed (colza / canola) oil (yes, I do mean grams, not millilitres!),
100g brown sugar,
225g plain flour,
3 heaped tsp baking powder,
2 tbsp cocoa or drinking chocolate powder,
1 heaped tsp ground cinnamon,
a handful of sultanas,
a little soy or nut milk (if needed to get the consistency right.

The batter consistency needs to be about the same as a chocolate mousse for slow cooker baking because not as much water evaporates as when oven baking.
Grease the slow cooker pan with about a tsp of oil, or uses a paper liner if you're organised enough to have any. Turn the slow cooker onto High, spoon in and roughly level your cake mixture, then put the lid on and bake in slow cooker for 2 hours.
When a skewer comes out clean, remove the whole pan (and turn the slow cooker off!). Allow the cake to cool for half an hour or so before turning it out.

In bookish news, congratulations to Champaklal who's won the In The Sun by Mixie Plum giveaway I hosted on Literary Flits!
If that's not you, there's plenty of other chances to win ...

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Have a great week!


  1. I love to bake, so I'm especially happy to see your recipe for chocolate banana bread turn out so well. Thank you for sharing it here.

    I compiled a list of memes for bloggers last Christmas. I need to take a look at Heather's monthly foodie book linkup. Then I need to add it to my list.

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. I had a read through your memes list yesterday. Great job compiling them all :-)

  2. I've never made a cake in my slow cooker!! I will have to try now. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I got inspired by bakingqueen74 who is a slow cooking guru!

  3. I just copy/pasted your recipe as I need to try it!!! Thank you <3 I hope you'll have a fantastic week Stephanie Jane!

    1. I hope you love the cake as much as we did!


  4. That firepit looks lovely, truly. And I like barbecued food, although I'm learning I don't like ribs as much as I thought I once did. A bit like crab, a too much work for too little meat.

    I just clicked on your link to your post about a Plastic Free July. My wife and I are trying to be more conscious of our use of plastic. I'm going to bookmark your post for later to show her.

    1. Plastic Free July is a lot of fun! I love trying out the ideas other folks come up with and share during the month :-)

  5. The chocolate banana cake looks awesome! I had no idea that cakes could be baked in a slow cooker!

    1. It was a revelation to me and is now my favourite way to bake cakes. Fruit/veg cakes like banana and carrot work especially well, and I've also made a giant scone. I like that a slow cooker forgives 10-15 minutes overcooking (when I forget)!

  6. I am sending this recipe to my wife. Thanks...

  7. I love your firebowl, Dave did a great job! That Chocolate Banana Cake looks so good, I'll have to give it a try. In the U.S. we call Sultanas, Golden Raisins. We recycle our glass, plastic, and paper. We used to buy a lot of bottled water but don't any more, and I switched from plastic food containers to glass.

    1. We've noticed that people generally take recycling a lot more seriously in France than back in the UK. They're more likely to buy quality items that last (often for decades!) too whereas Britain has more of a throwaway fad culture

  8. I've never tried cooking something like that in a slow cooker but it sure looks good.

  9. That cake looks so delicious, I'm also surprised that you were able to make it last for two days! I'd be so tempted to eat the entire thing on the first day haha.

    1. I baked another this morning and this one has to last, untouched, until we get to visit a friend tomorrow afternoon. I am tempted to hide it in a cupboard, but then I might forget to take it with us!

  10. That chocolate cake looks scrumptious, Stephanie. You're making my mouth water!

    It's great when the weather improves enough to start eating outside. We haven't had out first BBQ yet this year but I'm hoping this week the weather will comply. ;-)

    I hope you have a lovely week and read lots of great books. x

  11. I am going to try that recipe, I make banana bread for my daughter to take as breakfast on the mornings she has an early start.
    You might also like to check out the Weekend Cooking at BethFishReads

    Have a great reading week

  12. Ooh this sounds yummy. I've never tried a banana bread recipe before but might have to give this one a go.

  13. Your night sitting by the fire sounds very relaxing. Oh neat that the chocolate banana cake turned out fab. I need to try some slow cooker desserts. I never think to use it for that. :)

    Have a good week, Stephanie!

  14. That cake looks so good. I love that it can be made in a slow cooker. I may give it a try.

  15. That cake looks wonderful! I'm envious of that night by the fire. My family had a BBQ today!
    Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

  16. I love a good fire, and we just had one tonight, so glad to see others are enjoying a fire too occasionally! :)

    The cake looks delicious!

    Have a wonderful week.

  17. Banana chocolate cake is one of my favourites. My Late Mum used to make it but I can't bring myself to try her recipe so I think I might have to try yours instead.

    Thank you for sharing x

  18. In our family neither one is keen on barbecue :) But what a fantastic cake! It looks already impressing and delicous!
    xx Rena

  19. Love the fire pit. I've never tried a slow cooker cake. I made brownies today and have vanilla ice cream, cool whip and hot fudge to make brownie sundaes. Yum.

  20. What a lovely review. I can't wait for summer to come. I love the Barbecue Season. And this Looks so tasty.

    take a look at my BLOG and my INSTAGRAM

  21. I loved reading your review Nd thanks for the recipe!

  22. I love the idea of a fire pit. We used to have one down at the lake front in MN but only used it a couple times a year. It's best in the early part of the summer before the bugs get too busy. Good success with your cake. I'll be packing up all my stuff and doing less baking or complicated cooking while we are getting ready to move.

    Have a great week and enjoy your books!

    Anne - Books of My Heart Here is my Sunday Post   

  23. I've never tried making a cake in my slow cooker - but this looks and sounds amazing! Need to have some left over bananas and I'll be making this!