Tuesday, 29 January 2019

#Veganuary Food Diary - Week Four

Dec 2020 Update
I've published a memoir entitled Finally a Vegan: My Journey to Veganuary and Beyond by Stephanie Jane.
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Vegan Goulash at Glow Steady 
This is a post about my experiences during Veganuary 2019. I'm going to talk about vegan food. If that's going to offend you, please feel welcome to discover My Travels in Spain or read Reviews of My Favourite Books instead!

As in previous posts, appetising photos have been 'borrowed' from their respective websites. Click pretty pics to see their recipes!

Here's what I ate this week:

Every day: Porridge made with flaked oats and soy milk

Tues, Wed, Thur: Pita bread with Tumaca, apple
Fri: Soy sausage and Pita bread sandwich, apple
Sat: Pita bread with Tumaca, Alpro soy yoghurt, apple
Sun, Mon: Pita bread with homemade hummus, apple

Yes, this week I ate pita bread for lunch every day. Is that good or bad? They're just so easy to make and a batch lasts me three days. I love that they taste good both fresh from the pan when they are soft and fluffy, and when refreshed in the pan for subsequent days which makes them almost crisp.

Saag Aloo at AllRecipes 
Tues: Soy sausages with fried potato and baked beans
Wed, Thur: Sweet And Sour Tofu with brown rice
Fri, Sat: Hungarian-style Vegetable Goulash with mashed potato
Sun: Carrot soup
Mon: Saag Aloo with brown rice

I had a 'junk food' dinner last Tuesday with processed soy salchichas (sausages). They pretty much tasted like standard frankfurters to be honest and were fine with the meal, but were pricey. I've realised that's probably why a vegan diet can look expensive. The Eroski supermarket in Velez-Malaga has an impressive vegan/vegetarian alternatives selection of sliced not-meats and various burgers. I've tried some of the burgers before and, like the sausages, they taste nice, but I can't help thinking why I'm paying €3 for two burgers when I could make a similar product myself for pennies and have the time to do so. Plus there's the whole 'swathed in plastic' problem too! There's never just one easy decision, is there?

My new recipe triumph this week was the Hungarian Goulash from Glow Steady. I used a mix of veggies - celery, carrot, mouli, red pepper, courgette - and served mine over lots of lovely mashed potato. If you make this, don't be shy with the paprika. It's delicious!

And finally my vegan motivation book suggestion this week is a bit different. I haven't read any more fiction books with vegan characters so, instead, here's a non-vegan non-fiction book that discusses responsible farming and healthy meat production.
Farmageddon by Philip Lymbery, opened my eyes to the realities of food production in Britain (and across Europe and America). It doesn't advocate veganism as The Answer, but did get me questioning what I actually eat. You can Read My Review Here.

Are you doing Veganuary too? If so, please link up your recipe successes in the Comments so I can visit and be inspired!


  1. Kudos to you for your veganuary week! I think what you eat is healthy but I'm sorry I don't know if it is good or bad that you eat often Pita. Thanks for sharing.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. I agree. I think once you start looking for meat/diary substitutes instead of just eating a natural plant-based diet, the cost of it all goes up.

    1. It's a good incentive for me to find my own way to create such foods :-)

  3. Sounds like some interesting meals.

    1. It's fun for me to discover all these different international recipes :-)