Sunday, 7 May 2017

Our Green Party candidate for Torbay MP: Dr Sam Moss

Sam Moss campaigning with
Molly Scott-Cato, Green Party MEP
for the South West
In the second of a pair of political posts - did you read about my NHS campaigning yesterday? - I was proud to witness and take part in another new-to-me political moment last week. Torbay Green Party elected our candidate to contest the Torbay seat at the General Election. I have always made sure to exercise my right to vote, but this is my first time at being so involved in the activities that happen prior to ballot papers being issued. It is all rather exciting!

Together, we chose Dr Sam Moss to represent us. Sam is an experienced Green Party community activist, Paignton resident, back specialist and ex Royal Marine Commando. He pledged to make protecting local NHS services, improving the availability of quality schools in Torbay, and securing a second referendum on membership of the EU a priority for this general election campaign and, if elected, his work as an MP.

Sam said, ‘It is an honour to represent The Green Party in Torbay and a challenge at a time when people are feeling so uncertain about the future and that events are out of our control. I grew up here and have lived in the area for many years. I've witnessed the huge local decline under consecutive governments: the hurt from 5000 job-losses at Nortel in 2001; the haemorrhaging of employment beyond Torbay; the shame of bedroom tax evictions, high rents and benefits sanctions; the tragic loss of mental health services, doctor's surgeries and our dear Paignton Hospital; and the constant pressure on Torbay's precious green natural surroundings from a National Planning system designed for carpet-bombing poor quality homes across the country. Now more than ever we have to stand up for what matters and sow the seeds of a new politics.

The Green Party's priorities for Torbay are: to stand up for renters and ensure that when you rent a home here you feel at home; to stand up for young people with education that's free; and to stand up for our NHS, our patients, and our doctors by defending health services in Torbay and by using Britain’s wealth to invest in health. The Green Party will always stand up for what matters: for an economy for people not corporations, for a socially just society and for an ecologically abundant world. We encourage everyone to stand with us for a bolder, brighter, better future and to stand up for Torbay.

I was greatly encouraged by the Green showing at the local elections last week where we increased our council seats by 17%! Now it's time to look forward to the General Election, especially getting our vision of a very different Britain across to potential voters. If you want to live in a nation with breathable air that doesn't kill thousands of people every year, world-leading renewable energy projects that increase our energy self-sufficiency and create jobs, a properly funded NHS, debt-free education, good quality housing, reliable and affordable public transport, and food labelling that tells the truth about what we are eating, then do consider voting Green on the 8th of June!

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