Saturday, 6 May 2017

Campaigning to save our NHS in Torquay

Torbay Green Party members
campaign to Keep Our NHS Public 
I did something completely new this morning! And it was fun!

Alongside representatives of the Devon-wide Save Our Hospitals Services campaign, three Torbay political parties set out our stalls on Union Street in Torquay to raise awareness of the looming crisis in public healthcare. I was there with Torbay Green Party handing out flyers and newspapers to passersby. It was interesting to hear the experiences of people who have benefited from NHS care and I surprised myself with how comfortable I felt taking part in the action. Those of you who know me in real life will understand how my habitual lack of self-confidence often impairs my ability to Get Out There, but it turns out that having a cause about which I am passionate enables me to override those nerves! I felt we had a positive impact overall and certainly SOHS were happy with the levels of engagement which was the important thing. You can find out more about the SOHS campaign and how to get involved by visiting their Facebook Group.

Like Health Authorities all across the country, Devon faces drastic reductions in NHS services including closures of hospitals such Paignton. This will lead to countless bed losses and the prospect of patients having to undertake far longer journeys to access essential health and social care. It's completely unnecessary as Britain is wealthy enough a country to have a properly funded healthcare system - if all taxes were collected and the resulting funds weren't being diverted elsewhere.

And we have a huge opportunity coming up to reject the Tories' degradation of our NHS. Please make sure you are registered to vote on June 8th! If you're not, or if you're not sure, Click This Link to visit the Government's Register To Vote website. It's easy, quick - and free!

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