Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Ask Book Publishers to Stand Up for Free Speech and Forests!

As a keen reader and a book blogger, I was upset at the latest email I received from Greenpeace yesterday. It appears that, although many book publishers are doing their best to reduce their environmental impact, the company from which they buy much of their paper doesn't have good credentials - and it is trying to bully dissenters.

After years of successful Greenpeace campaigns to protect Canada's forests, one logging company, Resolute Forest Products, is trying to silence Greenpeace and our ally, The company is suing Greenpeace for hundreds of millions of dollars in Canada and the USA. If it wins, Greenpeace’s ability to advocate for forest protection anywhere in the world will take a huge blow.

Mile by mile, Resolute is destroying some of Canada’s most vibrant, ancient forests. But rather than working with Greenpeace on finding solutions, Resolute is trying to hide its actions by suing us - trying to force us into silence. We will not be silenced.

Please sign the Greenpeace petition

Resolute produces paper for some of the biggest book publishers in the world and will listen to its customers. Please can you send a message to publishers, asking them to stand up for the forests? Many major publishing companies including Penguin, HarperCollins, Simon and Schuster, and Hachette source paper from Resolute.

We’re aiming for 500,000 signatures by May 31 when we’ll take your message to Book Expo America in New York - one of the largest publishing industry gatherings in the world. Your voice will help us convince publishers to stand up for free speech and the forests.

We want publishers to:
1. Ask Resolute to produce book paper without harming intact forests and threatened wildlife habitat.
2. Encourage Resolute to stop attacking free speech.

Please can you tell the publishing industry to support Greenpeace and stand up for free speech?

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