Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Please help stop Cuadrilla and this government destroying our beautiful country

Our UK tour this summer, while not yet being particularly summery, is still allowing us to see so many interesting places and to walk in beautiful scenery. Some of our hikes have been in National Parks which are supposed to be protected areas, but other days have been spent simply in rural places which do not enjoy such defined protection and are increasingly threatened by big business greed. I love being able to pitch up on tiny Caravan Club CL and Camping And Caravanning Club CS sites, supporting rural businesses and enjoying the amazing variety of environments our country has to offer. It is frightening to think how swiftly all this could be curtailed if Cuadrilla and this government have their way and the planned fracking destruction goes ahead.

I have been liking and sharing this 38 degrees YouTube video about
fracking across all my social media channels so apologies for repetition if you've already watched it. If not, please do. We hear from people in Australia and America who already have first-hand experience of fracking under their communities. They talk of health problems that did not exist before drilling began, of livelihoods destroyed by poisoned land, and there is now so much shale gas in their tap water that They Can Set It On Fire! WTF!

Right now Cuadrilla are trying to buy local government permission to drill in rural Lancashire and, if this succeeds, will no doubt soon after be similarly trashing communities all across Britain - all for the purpose of grabbing short-term profits from unsustainable technologies. You probably don't need to worry if you live in a neighbourhood near any high-flying Tories(!), but if not please watch this video and think it over. And then share it and share it and share it. Thank you.

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