Friday, 31 January 2020

A Month In Books - January 2020

Welcome to January's Month In Books roundup!

I've got fourteen new book reviews for you this month, plus three older reviews that I transferred over to Literary Flits and fourteen Spotlight posts.

Regular blog series:
In January I blogged Reading Challenge and Bookish Bingo, and State of the ARC updates as well as a Cover Characteristics collection featuring Fire - an unintentionally timely theme. My 5 Books, 1 Theme quintet were all books featuring homelessness and WorldReads visited Austria. I also continued my favourite Bookish Etsy Finds and posted a Giveaway Roundup, but I was too busy to compile a This Time Last Year. Hopefully I will do another for February.

Now, on with this Reading Roundup!
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My Reviews

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My Book Of The Month for January was a difficult decision because I loved Hope by Terry Tyler as much as both of the Tomorrow's Ancestors series novels by AE Warren. In the end though I plumped for Hope because it is just so reflective of today's hypocritical Britain and reading it got me very angry! I love novels which can provoke an emotional reaction.

I hope you have found some books to tempt you in this selection! You can keep up with my daily book posts on Literary Flits and don't forget all the Giveaways are listed in my Giveaway Linkup.


  1. You read a lot of books. Some of them looked pretty good to me.

    1. I'm lucky to have lots of time for my reading :-)

  2. Good job! I read 8 books in January and I'm thrilled. I used to read between 12-20 but I've been struggling to get past 1-2 per month.

    Karen @ For What It's worth

    1. I'm lucky that I haven't had a reading slump in ages. Glad you're looking like you're getting your mojo back?