Friday, 4 October 2019

September Reading Challenges and #BookishBingo updates

I've got several challenges on the go this year so, instead of cramming all the information into my Month In Books roundups, I thought I would make these monthly Bookish Bingo posts into Challenge roundups. Visit my Current Reading Challenges page to see the whole year's links.

Last month I added:

Alphabet Soup (2019): 0 in September / 20 overall

Books In French (2019): 0 in September / 3 overall

Classics Club (2018-23): 2 in September / 28 overall

Decade Challenge (2019-20): 4 in September / 4 overall

Mount TBR Challenge (2019): 1 in September / 24 overall

New Release Challenge (2019): 7 in September / 76 overall

Vegetarian / Vegan Character (ongoing): 0 in September / 12 overall

This challenge wrap-up post includes my new month of Bookish Bingo which is hosted each month at Chapter Break. I include books I actually read during the month, but I might not have blogged all their reviews yet so if the cover image doesn't go anywhere when you click it, that's (probably) why!

This month I've got 20 squares completed

New Adult
Shelf love

Travel guide

In a school

Single word title
Library book

Tournament / competition
New to you author

Not in a series
Water on the cover
Free Space
Actor / actress
Free book

Physical book

Magical academy

In a series
Ship / boat
Man on cover
Audio book


  1. You always do well on the challenges.

  2. The classics club would be something I'd like to do. Hopefully, when I finish my personal goal challenge of reading 2,000 books before the end of the year. I'm currently 41 away. Lol.

  3. You're making some good progress especially the new release challenge! Good job!

    1. I hadn't realised just how many new books I do read until I started the challenge. I had the impression I read more older titles but this is obviously not the case


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