Wednesday, 29 May 2019

State Of The ARC - May 2019

I saw this State of the ARC meme over at Avalinah's Books blog in January 2018 and thought it would be fun to join in.

The idea is to keep track of all the ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) books I've got awaiting reading and reviewing, and to make headway through the overdue pile. For my State of the ARC, I am including all books sent to me for review whether they are pre-publication copies (as ARCs should be) or simply review copies of books already available publicly. I don't include books that I have purchased myself, book exchange swaps, or free downloads.

In May I blogged my reviews of these ARCs:
(Click the cover images to visit their reviews)

Here's my State of the ARC numbers as of today:

Awaiting Reading

Read / Reviewed / Blogged




1 R / 1 RRB


From Authors




Blog Tours




From Publishers




RRB (Read, Reviewed and Blogged) essentially means those book reviews are completed and I'm just waiting for their scheduled blog post date.

May was a good month ARCwise because I got 13 read, 1 of which will be my Book Of The Month - you'll have to wait until the 31st to find out which, if you haven't already guessed of course! To counterbalance though, I did have a DNF, New Rwanda, which was disappointing as I'd been particularly looking forward to this one.

No State Of The ARC would be complete without checking out the additions to my ARC stash. Only 7 new ARCS which is an unexpectedly low number, but Look At That Last One!! I am so excited for Pan's Labyrinth! And thank goodness NetGalley sent out an email because otherwise I wouldn't have known anything about it. The ARC is only on, not on Grrr!

Here are May's new arrivals

If you want to join this State of the ARC meme check out This Page at Avalinah's Books.


  1. Good job! You're making good progress!

  2. You did pretty good. I usually only have 4 ARC's at a time and finish those before I request more.


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