Monday, 13 May 2019

#Notebooks - Covetable Stationery inspired by my #BookOfTheMonth

My Book Of The Month for May 2019 is the insightful writers' guide Writer Get Noticed! by Colleen M Story.
I don't often read self help guides, but the subject of this one appealed to me and I did find it useful to me as a blogger. Not as useful as I am sure it would be to authors, but still very much worth the read. Alongside her guidance and real-life examples, Colleen includes a number of thoughtful exercises which help identify writers' individual motivations and potential future avenues. For these you will need a notebook so not only is Writer Get Noticed! a useful resource, it is also an Excuse To Buy Stationery. Perfect!
(You can read my full book review on Literary Flits.)

Click each image to visit its shop website page ...

Yes You Can lined notebook
at Paperchase 
Black Cat notebook
by Compoco at Etsy 
Sari Covered notebook
by Ruby Sparrow Design at Etsy
Stone Paper notebook
(yes, the paper is made from recycled building debris!)
by Onyx and Green at Ethical Superstore 
Manchester Bee notebooks
By Nikomi at Etsy 
Swan fabric covered notebook
by Little Bun Design UK at Etsy 
Set of three Magical notebooks
by Literary Emporium at Etsy 

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  1. Any excuse to buy new stationeries is a win in my view!

    1. Me too! Getting new notepads and pens was my favourite bit about a new school term!

  2. For me it is the same as for you as I normally neither read self help guides. But this book for writes sounds really interesting - and helpful. Thanks for sharing, dear Stephanie!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. I love a pretty notebook. I have several that I'm still trying to figure out what to do with.

    1. Ah yes, I have a few that I can't bear to actually write in :-/

  4. interesting....
    greeting- Evi Erlinda

  5. Any book about writing that not only offers great advice but also encourages the purchase of stationery...well, that book is worth buying!

  6. I don't use much now but I used to have tons of penpals around the world and we loved using snail mail and interesting notepaper to write on. I have a few Game of Thrones book journals though.

    1. I used to love writing to penpals too, and the thrill of receiving actual letters from the other side of the world :-)
      We don't stay in one place long enough anymore. I wonder if kids still have penpals?

  7. ooooh so many pretties! I love the Yes You Can and the Swan ones. I love journals TBH! ❤️

    1. Me too!
      Buying stationery is almost as good as buying books :-)

  8. Dear! Great post about quirky notebooks. Thanks for sharing your information. I really appreciate your efforts.