Sunday, 10 February 2019

Cover Characteristics - Swimming

I've long been a fan of the beautiful Cover Characteristics posts that Kristen curates over at Metaphors And Moonlight so I thought I might try putting together a similar post myself. The idea is to choose book covers which are linked in some way (featuring an object in common, perhaps, or a similar title font) and to then display them artfully. Sounds easy, turns out not to be! But it is fun to look back through my old reviews.

My second collection is:


Click each cover image to see its review on Literary Flits.


  1. I must admit I've never been a fan of people on covers. I like the good artwork or scenery covers better. I love looking at covers so features like this are fun!

    1. I've got some gorgeous arty covers, but not yet enough around a single theme to make a post. People on covers do seem to be more widespread

  2. that's very interesting, in terms of how differently a similar subject matter can be treated on the covers. It's also interesting sometimes to compare the different covers for different editions of the same book

  3. I really like some covers over others. I love seeing faces on covers.