Friday, 4 January 2019

December Challenges Wrapup - Bookish Bingo

This challenge wrap-up post includes my new month of Bookish Bingo which is hosted each month at Chapter Break. I seem to have written lits of challenge posts over the past few weeks so instead of recapping everything here, I'll simply direct you to these posts

For this month's Bookish Bingo, I include books I actually read during December, but I might not have blogged all their reviews yet so if the cover image doesn't go anywhere when you click it, that's (probably) why!

This month I've got 21 squares completed

Red or green cover

Finish a series
Free book

Library book
Not in a series
Shelf love
Breaking rules
Audio book

Physical book
Free Space
In a series
Sets goals

Bad habits
Holiday romance



Fast paced
Favourite author
White, silver or sparkly cover

I'm going to do January's Bookish Bingo too but I don't think the new grid to match up is ready yet.


  1. You did great! Can you believe that I have never done a book bingo. I will have to give it a try someday.

    1. Why not grab January's grid off Chapter Break and give a go? It's a light-hearted challenge with no pressure


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