Monday, 13 August 2018

Bookish Bingo - August 2018

I spotted this Bookish Bingo challenge yesterday on Socrates' Book Reviews and thought it looks fun. As you probably know by now, I do like a bookish challenge!

Bookish Bingo is hosted each month at Chapter Break, a new-to-me blog, which I'm happy to have discovered too.

There are 25 squares to fill. Books can be put into more than one square - as long as they meet the criterion of course!

And, here's my grid with the books I've reviewed so far this month. They've not all been blogged yet so if the picture's not linked, its review will be posted by the end of August!

A physical book
Outdoor activity

New to you author
In a series

New adult
Pop culture
Shelf love
On vacation

Not in a series
Woman on cover

Free Space

Past rears its ugly head

Free book

Empowered female
Audio book
Library book Deception
Band / musician Food on cover


  1. You are doing great filling in all your Bingo spots. Bookish Bingo sounds like a fun challenge. :)

    1. I hadn't spotted it before, but I think I'll enjoy playing every month now :-)


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