Thursday, 7 June 2018

Books From The Backlog - Fate by Mary Corran

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Fate by Mary Corran

Hope. Horror. Heartache. There’s a little of each fated for all of us…

Asher’s world is a small one, bound by the conventions forced upon its people by an oppressive invader. But not everyone is content with their lot… A number of rebellious and independent women have grouped together, struggling against the might of the Grey Men. Asher is fearless but often it is too late once she realises danger is near. 

Women have always been secondary citizens in Venture, but under their new rulers Venture’s menfolk too, and even the Oracle — the fantastic phenomenon at the centre of the city’s life — and its adherents are subjugated. Everyone will be forced to work harder and harder against injustice merely to pay the tithe that their ruthless oppressors demand. People are driven to terrible actions and suffer insurmountable struggles…

Asher is deeply suspicious of the Oracle but it still speaks and on Fair Day she is called to hear its message. Reluctantly she confronts her greatest fear — that the course of her life may have been mapped in stone — and a spectre from her past. But now, what she has always feared may present an unexpected chance to salvage her country’s future. 

Asher must learn to listen to her instinct and face her fears if she is to save herself and her friends. She strives to set a new precedent not only for herself but for women everywhere, running against the tide of opinion and daring to challenge the authorities. Yet great sacrifices are made if the world is to be changed for good…

Fate is a spellbinding fantasy tale about one woman’s chance to save her people from the darkest throes of oppression.

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Amazon : from $2.95 / £0.30 (used HB)
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Amazon tells me that I bought Fate on the 28th of November 2015 and it has been sitting quietly, unread, on my Kindle ever since. When I started typing up this post I had no recollection of the synopsis at all and it doesn't look like the sort of book I would normally pick out. I'm not sure if the Red Riding Hood figure on the front cover is a clue to this being some of retelling - that might have appealed to me? I have no idea!

Why haven't I read Fate already?
Have you read it?
Is this a Get To It Now or a Let It Lie?


  1. Sadly, I have several like this also on my Kindle and I have no idea why I got them. Hope it ends up being a good one for you, Stephanie!

    1. Just goes to show - I should read books while I still remember buying them!

  2. I haven't heard of this one, but it does sound appealing. I know what you mean about finding books on your e-reader and not remembering anything about them. I suppose I should go through my e-shelves and see what surprises turn up!

    1. I did an ereader search a few months ago & discovered so many unread books! It was like a free shopping trip!

  3. Sometimes I am surprised by what I have bought sitting on my Kindle. I hope you enjoy this one once you get the chance to read it.

  4. Hopefully you'll get to read it at some point and I hope you enjoy it!