Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Artisan Rainbow - Earrings

I promoted beautiful British handmade and artisan-made finds for nearly a year on my daily Artisan Rainbow blog alongside a monthly Top Etsy Finds post here. There was some duplication so as part of my blogging streamlining I've decided to combine the two into a weekly Artisan Rainbow post here instead.

Six colours and a rainbow, one theme.
Click the images or titles to visit their relevant shop websites and buy.

£5 plus shipping
Made in Cumbernauld

£10 plus shipping
Made in Leeds

£35.50 plus shipping
Made in Dorchester
Silver Disc Earrings by Maisy Plum

£26 plus shipping
Made in Ticehurst
Crystal Earrings by Twiggy Peasticks

£7.50 plus shipping
Made in Huddersfield
Steampunk Teardrop Earrings by One Dottie Duck

£15 plus shipping
Made in Exeter
Diamond Chainmaille Earrings by Destai Design

£25 plus shipping
Made in Brighton

Most Artisan Rainbow links are affiliate links. I receive a small commission at no extra cost to yourself when you click through and buy.

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