Friday, 13 April 2018

Top Ten Etsy Finds - Storage Solutions

Elm Tree Bookshelf
by BespOak Interiors
A practical Top Ten Etsy Finds this month which was inspired by the gorgeous Elm Tree Bookshelf I am featuring first. It is completely handmade by BespOak Interiors in Cirencester. How I wish I had the space for this 'tree' in my home! It's one of the largest of several BespOak designs and I love the detail of the smaller branches.
Full bodied from the ground up just as you would find with a large old Elm tree. A practical tree with shelf surfaces at all heights makes it ideal for just about any room of the house. This unique oak shelving unit has a segmented trunk and a range of inclined and flat branches meaning it is a great all round practical design.
The Elm Tree Bookshelf is for sale from £776 plus shipping.

Wine Box Bedside Table by Bois Rustique 

For smaller spaces (and budgets!) the Wine Box Bedside Table is created by Bois Rustique in Totnes. They also offer a range of complementary furniture items including a chest of drawers and a TV unit.
Beautiful handmade bedside table using authentic wine crates from a variety of vineyards in France.
The top is solid oak finished with a natural hard wax oil to give durability to the surface. The cabinet sides are made from natural untreated sawn pine.
Bring the vineyards into your home with this stunning one off piece.
The Wine Box Bedside Table is for sale at £139 plus shipping.

Pineapple Hooks by The Foundryman 

I love spotting fun home decor details and these tropical Pineapple Hooks certainly fit the bill. They're made by The Foundryman in Stratford-Upon-Avon.
 You can never have enough pineapple decor in your life. It's here to stay and we now stock 4 different sizes of our best selling pineapple hooks 
Pineapple Hooks are for sale at £5.50 each, plus shipping.

Swing Shelves by luxurygrove

These Swing Shelves made by luxurygrove in Preston are a wonderful idea - especially for those of us who aren't confident about getting traditional shelving put up exactly level!
These are three simple but modern hanging swing style shelves. Perfect for displaying single items or small groups.
The shelves look great hung at different levels to catch your eye. Hand crafted and designed by us.
Swing Shelves are for sale at £22.75 for three, plus shipping

Vintage Traveller Storage Unit by This Quiet Earth 

All kinds of items can be upcycled into stylish storage solutions, but I think my favourite is the Vintage Traveller Storage Unit custom made by This Quiet Earth in Bath.
You are looking at a unique vintage suitcase transformed into a stylish, functional storage unit, perfect for any home.
The idea of the suitcase is to give you extra storage space and create a home for your much loved books, ornaments and possessions. 
The Vintage Traveller is for sale at £50 plus shipping.

Industrial Clothes Rail by V3ry Well Hung 

Also unusual is this Industrial Clothes Rail made to order with reclaimed wood, copper and brass by the wonderfully named V3ry Well Hung in Brighton.
These are hand-made in our workshop and they will take a week to complete ... The customer can select from a dark, natural wood tone or lightly limed effect, but it is the qualities of the reclaimed timber, silvered by the sun that is the key to the finish that can be satin or beeswax.
The Industrial Clothes Rail is for sale at £167 plus shipping.

Rustic Shoe Rack by Applecratescouk 

Applecratescouk in Bournemouth make an array of items from, obviously, apple crates and I particularly like this Rustic Shoe Rack.
Large wooden, apple crate style storage box with long internal shelf which makes them perfect for use as a shoe rack, displays or storage.
Handmade in Dorset from high quality materials. Solid and sturdy construction finished in rustic antique brown.
Truly the best of both worlds with the look and feel of vintage apple crates without the woodworm, rot, dirt and broken bits. Only kiln dried wood is used.
The Shoe Rack is for sale at £19.95 plus shipping.

Ribbon Rack by Oh Sew Twinkle Crafts 

For crafters, this Ribbon Rack handmade by Oh Sew Twinkle Crafts in Leicester is a beautiful idea. I love details like the little feet and the ceramic handle.
I am a home crafter with limited space, so I asked my husband to make me a compact ribbon rack / holder that would fit on the side of my sewing table and have room for lots of ribbon (well ... if you don't ask !)
This beautiful design is what he has produced.
It has two dowel strips with room for up to 30 rolls of crafting ribbon, and two front guide strips so that your ribbon doesn't flap about.
The Ribbon Rack is for sale at £24.50 plus shipping.

Drinks Cabinet by Cambrewood 

Another cleverly upcycled piece is this amazing Drinks Cabinet made to order by Cambrewood in Cambridge.
Handmade from reclaimed boat wood, this solid and robust cabinet has plenty of rustic charm and character.
Looking even better full of drinks and glasses of course! Lots of storage space with drawers, glass holders and solid wood shelving. 
The Drinks Cabinet is for sale at £495 plus shipping.

How To Tell Time by Rustic Retro Furniture 

I'm going to end this selection with a humorous piece - a fun Mug/Glass Rack entitled How To Tell Time! It's made by Rustic Retro Furniture in Chesterfield.
This will make a fun yet practical talking piece and are very popular gifts.
They are handmade using reclaimed wood and come ready to hang in your home.
How To Tell Time is for sale at £25 plus shipping.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through this selection as much as I did curating it. All the links in this post are affiliate links so if you were to click through and make a purchase I would receive a small commission at no extra cost to yourself.


  1. I really love that book tree! If I had space, I'd get one!

  2. Honestly the first one as a tree looks amazing! I love the idea I feel like it could add something special to a room! x


    1. I imagine sitting in a book nook under that tree to read. Perfect!

  3. I like the Vintage Traveller Storage Unit too. I it's the map paper lining that grabs me.

    1. I love that worn out suitcases can get a second lease of life

  4. That tree shelf is gorgeous!

    I made simple ribbon/jewelry holders out of those wooden plate holders you see in stores. Mine were on clearance for .50 each when my local Crate & Barrel was closing.

  5. Those pineapple hooks are just so lovely. I would love to have that! I also really love the aesthetic of the tree based bookcase.

    1. The pineapples are a fun idea that I think would work with various decor themes


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