Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Take Control of Your TBR Pile Challenge 2018

So I am already doing the IndieAthon Challenge throughout March, but on Sunday I spotted another challenge for this month that I want to take part in. The Take Control of Your TBR Pile Challenge is being hosted by Kimberly over at The Caffeinated Reviewer. (If you want to join in too, all the rules are On This Post Here). I think several of my planned March reads will count for both challenges.

Of course there is the school of thought that if I spent more time reading and less time blogging about reading then I wouldn't have such a totteringly tall TBR pile in the first place. This is a valid opinion, but I am going to ignore it!

As with IndieAthon, I will link each relevant Literary Flits review post back to this post when they are published, and will list and link all my challenge books here.

Craving by Esther Gerritsen

Threadwalkers by Joanna Volavka

Far Cry From The Turquoise Room by Kate Rigby

Waking Isabella by Melissa Muldoon

The Yellow Sun by Stiofán Ó Nualláin 

The Clock Flower by Barbara Casey

Walk With Me by Debra Schoenberger

Patient Zero by Terry Tyler

Full Circle by Regina Timothy

The Prince Of Mist by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The Spider And The Stone by Glen Craney

From Liberty To Magnolia by Janice S Ellis

Free Country by George Mahood


  1. I’m doing this challenge, too. Good luck with it!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

    1. Great! I'm hoping for a dozen. Fingers crossed!

  2. Considering my TBR "pile" is large than most people's home library it might not be a bad idea for me to join in this challenge. :)

    1. I'm only considering books I actually own already for this challenge and that's probably at least 30 books. I started trying to count them and thought better of it - too scary!

  3. Interesting selection Stephanie, all four female authors :) coincidence or on purpose?

    1. Coincidence! Although I do try to read more female authors than male ones so I expect this list will end up with more women.

  4. My TBR on Goodreads is something like 4000 books, plus all the random ones I buy that have not even been added to it yet. I don't know if a month-long challenge would help me, haha. I also agree with your decision to ignore the "logic" of reading instead of blogging about reading. No one has time to listen to nonsense! :)

    1. 4000!! Oh my!
      I'm only including books I already own for this so hopefully the month of concerted reading will make a dent at least. If I added in my Goodreads TBR and my Amazon wishlist, the pile would be insurmountable :-/