Monday, 13 November 2017

Top Ten Etsy Finds - Christmas Wrapping Paper

Brussels Sprouts Paper
by Nancy And Betty Studio
I know this is usually a Top Five post, but I got a bit carried away! For me, the anticipation of Christmas Day has always been more exciting than the day itself. Even now, travelling in Europe several Christmasses in succession, I love seeing decorations go up and hearing the cheesy music in shops. ' Feliz Navidad ... Feliz Navidad'!

As a child, I loved seeing the present pile grow as each of us added our gifts for each other. All those shiny wrapped parcels! One of mine might even be a Book! Wrapping paper designs can subtly yet substantially enhance the magic of Christmas. I love that wrapped boxes can be decor in their own right. An elegant pyramid of matching paper and ribbon or a riotous jumble of colour under a tree.

These ten wrapping paper designs, in no particular order, are my favourites on Etsy this year. Click the photos to visit their Etsy shop pages. (All links are affiliate links so I would receive a small commission from any purchases.)

Greyhound Paper
Made By Harriet

Winter Woodland Paper
by Ink Paint Paper UK

Mince Pi Paper
by Newton And The Apple

Ugly Jumper Dinosaurs Paper 
by Charlotte Filshie UK 

Christmas Trees Paper
by The Barefoot Printer

Fir Cone Paper
by We Are Bread And Jam

Gold Foil Woodland
by Chau Art Papercut

Not Socks Paper
by Preposterous Pigeon

Yay It's Christmas Paper
by Kathryn Boyt

Christmas is coming!

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