Friday, 13 October 2017

Top Five Etsy Finds - Halloween Lights

Zombie Glass Jar Lantern
by ReclaimedBritain
I've been enjoying scattering various Halloween-themed Etsy finds through my October Artisan Rainbow posts, but wanted an even more specific theme for this Top Five posts. There's so much great work on Etsy that actually trying to narrow down choices can be overwhelming! My eye was caught by some ingenious lights and lanterns and, as effective lighting can make or break a Halloween party atmosphere, I decided to showcase my favourites today.

I first spotted the Zombie Glass Jar Lantern pictured above. Created by Stephen Doe at ReclaimedBritain in Newport, the lantern is made by painting a 500ml glass jar. Setting a tea light inside will give anyone the goosebumps as the flame casts spooky shadows that flicker on your wall. Perfect to go with a night of spooky ghost story telling or a Halloween party! The lanterns are available in three colours and with graveyard zombie or witch silhouette motifs.

The Zombie Lantern is for sale at £12 plus shipping.

Frankenstein Light Box by SatisHouseFive
Famous horror stories are perfect Halloween fare and Mary Shelley's tale of Doctor Frankenstein's monster is one of the best. This Frankenstein Light Box features a miniature vintage French movie poster advertising the Boris Karloff film version. It is designed and created by Ruth Robinson at SatisHouseFive in Bridport. The box is printed around the sides with an orange polka dot pattern on a grey/ black background, and gothic black lace surrounds the poster itself. The light box is illuminated by way of an LED tea light in the back which emits a flickering light.

The Frankenstein Light Box is for sale at £9.50 plus shipping.

Mannequin Hand Lamp by LadybirdLaneDecor 
A jump in budget takes us to this fabulous Mannequin Hand Lamp made by LadybirdLaneDecor in Wakefield. I love this upcycling company's inventive creations! The lamp is made from a black 1960's dial telephone converted into a 12v lamp with new wiring fed up internally through the hand and into the earpiece of the receiver. The disembodied vintage mannequin hand is permanently mounted on the planed wooden rustic base and holds the receiver as though taking a call. A quirky decor talking point for Halloween and beyond!

The Mannequin Hand Lamp is for sale at £95 plus shipping.

Halloween VHS Lamp by NancysJars 
Returning to a movie theme, Hayley Summers at NancysJars in Wolverhampton had the great idea of upcycling old VHS tape cases into table lamps. She can make a lamp to suit any theme for which a film was shot so I had to choose the Halloween VHS Lamp for this post. The Shining or The Exorcist would have been just as appropriate too! Battery powered LEDs mean the videotape cases don't get hot and Hayley also offers the choice of a USB power connector.

The Halloween VHS Lamp is for sale from £14.99 plus shipping.

Tin Can Lanterns by AliceMaudeDesigns 

I've chosen traditional lantern upcycling for the last of my Top Five and I love this set of five Halloween Tin Can Lanterns created by AliceMaudeDesigns in Birmingham. Each tin has been punched with a suitably spooky illustration and light from candles placed inside illuminates the designs. Battery-powered candles are recommended, especially if the lanterns will be used indoors, because the tins will get very hot with a real flame burning inside.

The Halloween Tin Can Lanterns are for sale at £15 plus shipping.

I hope you love these wonderful creations as much as I do. All the links on this post are affiliate links so, should you choose to click through and make a purchase, I would receive a small commission.

Happy Halloween!

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