Sunday, 15 October 2017

Thank you for our Ecotricity recommendation reward!

We got a lovely surprise earlier this week - an email from our energy supplier, Ecotricity, with a £25 John Lewis voucher as a reward for introducing a new customer! How nice is that?

I'd like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to whoever signed up using my Ecotricity code recently. I hope you enjoy spending your voucher too. And maybe you were more adventurous in your shopping choices? We now each have a cosy winter's worth of socks!

I blogged last October about our Ecotricity sign up experience and am glad to say that we're still very happy with the company over a year later. I love that we are supporting their investment in renewable energy sources and their simple single tariff is easy to understand. Ecotricity promise to put as much green electricity into the National Grid as their customers take out and all their gas is Frack Free!

If you'd like to also experience a great sense of satisfaction for Doing The Right Thing, please take a few minutes to consider where your home energy comes from and how it is created. All the different suppliers and tariffs can be bewildering, but there's a good comparison table on which I found useful. Based on our experience, I recommend Ecotricity! If you also choose to switch to them, don't forget to use my sign-up code - rewards for us both are a John Lewis or Lush voucher!

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