Monday, 7 August 2017

Trying a bamboo toothbrush and washing dishes with coconut!

Tshirt sponge and coconut scourer 
I stumbled across a great little eco webshop last week. Called Save Some Green, it stocks bamboo products and household items made from other natural materials. I have been wanting a bamboo toothbrush for ages so ordered one to try out, plus three pairs of bamboo socks and a coconut fibre pan scourer. Service was super fast with my parcel arriving two days after placing my order. My items were packaged with paper and card, all easily recyclable, and everything was a good price with postage included so no nasty surprises mid-checkout!

On the downside I wasn't too pleased with the bamboo socks. They feel lovely to wear, but just walking to St Marychurch and back (about four miles) resulted in a hole worn through the toe of one sock which now needs darning. I walk that far three or four times a week so I am hoping this was just an aberration and the other pairs are stronger.

Bamboo toothbrush 
The bamboo toothbrush met all my expectations and I certainly won't be going back to a plastic one anytime soon. I am aware that my homemade toothpaste is slightly more abrasive than commercial brands so I decided to get the soft bristled brush to compensate for this. I think it looked rather elegant next to its garish plastic forerunner. It did take a few seconds to get accustomed to the neck not being angled, but this soon wasn't a problem and the smaller head is more comfortable when reaching towards my molars. This toothbrush and my toothpaste together clean my teeth well. Admittedly the bristles are still nylon, but BPA Free and apparently as compostable as the brush at the end of its life. Save Some Green is currently offering 4 for the price of 3 on these toothbrushes so I might just stock up!

The surprise hit of my Save Some Green order however was the coconut fibre pan scourer pictured at the top of this post. It's brilliant and far more efficient than the scritchy pad sponges we've used for years. I wanted to get away from them (yes, plastic again) but assumed I would just require more elbow grease instead. This is absolutely not the case. Even our daily porridge saucepan is no longer a dreaded chore! The scourer is, of course, completely compostable when it wears out and, judging by its lack of degradation in the week so far, I expect it to last a long time. My next order will include at least three of these gems so I always have a backup and because they get cheaper the more I buy!

Finally, as the coconut scourer made part of our usual wash-up sponges redundant, I thought about what might replace the rest of them. I remembered my very first crocheting efforts, supervised by my grandmother some thirty-five years ago. I made a very lopsided dishcloth from thick natural cotton thread. I don't have any of that thread right now, but did have a length of upcycled t-shirt yarn going begging so I experimented! The round blue pad in the top photo is a palm-sized dishwashing 'sponge'! Its effective use wasn't as mind-blowing as the scourer, but it does the job well and, again, looks like it will last ages.

Pleased with my initial success, I tweaked the design to make it easier to remember. I've made more Dishwash Pads from another upcycled t-shirt so now have quite a stash. If you would like to try one out for yourself they're £2.50 each which includes UK postage. Click the photo below to Paypal me!

Tshirt sponges 


  1. Good on you for doing your part. I would love to try the coconut scourer, too but am a little iffy about the toothbrush.

    1. Just think retro style for the toothbrush! The bristles aren't noticeably any different when brushing and the handle feels like I remembered toothbrushes from years ago - before manufacturers decided we had to pay lots more for 'ergonomic design' etc!

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