Sunday, 13 August 2017

Top Five Etsy Finds - International Left Handers Day

Left handed wristwatch
by YourWatchDesign
International Left Hander's Day started 25 years ago in 1992. Its founders, the Left-Handers Club, began "an annual event when left-handers everywhere can celebrate their sinistrality (left-handedness) and increase public awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed." So to join in the celebrations today, my Top Five Etsy Finds for August are ingenious items whose designs have been tweaked to make them perfect for left handed people. I learned that 10-12% of people are left handers - including my sister!

Small design changes can make a huge difference to an item's ease of use for a left handed person and this Left Handed Wristwatch by YourWatchDesign in Bridgnorth is a prime example. The crown placement is on the opposite side of the watch face. The watch also features a humorous saying on the white dial.

The Left Handed Wristwatch is for sale at £22.99 with free worldwide shipping.

Filofax Diagonally Ruled
Notepaper Inserts by OddsLikeMe
Penelope Winter, of Gartmore, is the creative mind behind OddsLikeMe. Her shop was born out of an urge to get back to pen and paper, although her computer does sometimes play a vital supporting role as is the case with these Filofax Diagonally Ruled Notepaper Inserts. The diagonal ruling makes the paper great for lefties or indeed anyone whose handwriting naturally slopes up. The design is sent digitally by pdf enabling the buyer to print as many sheets as they need, whenever they need to.

The Filofax Diagonally Ruled Notepaper Inserts are for sale at £4.20 with, of course, no shipping cost.

Left Handed Coffee Mug
by CaractacusPots
CaractacusPots is a brilliant name for a ceramics shop and I love the variety of items created by obsessive potter Susan Frankel in her Uxbridge studio. The colours she achieves are especially vibrant. My eye was caught by this Left Handed Coffee Mug finished in mottled blue and chocolate brown. Its generous 430ml size means it's big enough to cope with a serious volume of breakfast coffee and the handle is particularly comfortable to be held with the left hand. Susan threw this cup on her pottery wheel, then cut out and formed the handle from the body of the mug. She says it can be used by right-handers as well, but isn't as comfortable!

The Left Handed Coffee Mug is for sale at £14.99 plus shipping.

Left Handed Bath Board
by IansChicOrUnique
After a long day, indulgent pampering is in order and made easier with this Left Handed Bath Board. Made from reclaimed wood at IansChicOrUnique in Manchester, the board was cleaned, sanded and shaped, then treated with linseed oil and simply varnished because the wood was stunning once sanded. Its shaping was thought out with left handers in mind - the wine glass is nearest your hand and the candle furthest from being a singe hazard!

The Left Handed Bath Board is for sale at £20 plus shipping.

My fifth and final choice is this stunning image print of famous left handed guitarist Jimi Hendrix playing his flipped right-handed guitar. Created by ShaunMcMuldroch in Leeds, the image relies on eye-catching use of white space as much as the distinctive shapes that make up Jimi's portrait. It is A5 size and inkjet printed onto 200gsm paper.

The Jimi Hendrix Print is for sale at £4.45 plus shipping.

Jimi Hendrix Print by ShaunMcMuldroch 

Happy International Left Handers Day!

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