Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Receiving a Brilliant Boyfriend bakerdays cake + #Giveaway!

brilliant boyfriend bakerdays cake 
A dismal Torquay summer day was brightened up for us last week by the welcome arrival of a Bakerdays letterbox cake!

If you haven't heard about these before, it's a real cake, fully iced, yet slim enough to fit though a standard UK letterbox.

The perfect surprise gift?

Well, when Bakerdays offered me the chance to find out, I was more than happy to accept!

The toughest part of the Bakerdays experience is choosing which cake to send! Firstly did I want traditional sponge, lovely lemon drizzle, half chocolate half sponge, or rich chocolate chip? I chose the lovely lemon drizzle. Then I spent ages debating designs. I knew the cake would be on its way but Dave didn't so I wanted artwork that would fun for him. I think there are hundreds of options available plus, to add even more choices, I could have uploaded my own photographs! Eventually I settled on the Brilliant Boyfriend design because it sums up pretty much what I wanted to say.

Our cake's arrival was a great success!

Brought in our regular post delivery by a rained-upon postman, it was packed in an unassuming brown cardboard box. I loved the contrast when we opened that to reveal the bright cake, complete with a little card and a mini celebration bag including candles, balloons and a party blower! Dave's face lit up and I was delighted too!

So, how was the cake itself? Well, it didn't last long so that's always a good sign! It arrived in perfect condition and, had I not known it was posted, I never would have guessed. The icing cleverly holds the cake fast to a board and the outer box is sturdy so absolutely no dents which I had been a little concerned about. The icing was bright white with sharply defined, boldly coloured printing which looked good enough to eat! The sponge was moist and tasted freshly baked with a light lemon flavour. Perhaps the texture was less sticky than I would expect from a lemon drizzle cake, but then they aren't usually swathed in royal icing so that made up for it! We got eight little portions from our cake.

Impatient fingers poised for more cake! 

I was impressed with Bakerdays packaging. As already mentioned, the cardboard box is sturdy and also recyclable. The cake board, card and enclosed paperwork are, of course, also recyclable and the packaging peanuts are the cornstarch ones which dissolve completely in water. I will pass the celebration bag on so all we were left with for landfill was a small perforated plastic bag that had enclosed the cake. Well done Bakerdays!

If you want to try out a Bakerdays letterbox cake for yourself, enter the Giveaway below for a chance to win one!

The Giveaway is open to UK entrants ONLY. It opened at 8am on the 15th August and closes at midnight on the 28th August. I will email the winner on the 29th and they have 48 hours to reply with their details which I will pass on to bakerdays.


  1. Best time to eat cake is all the time!

  2. i don't think there is ever not the best time to eat cake!

  3. I think it's always a great time to eat cake but it always tastes extra good for breakfast!