Thursday, 31 August 2017

August roundup and September preview

It's been a quiet August for us here in Torquay. Apart from the Bank Holiday Weekend it was a pretty grey and rainy one as well. We did have visitors - hello Marta and Chris! - but didn't travel anywhere which is a first for us for ages. A whole month in one place! No wonder I'm fidgety!

Rainbow necklace
by Mixko 
This time did give me time to launch into a new blogging project that I have been considering for a while. I love promoting handmade and crafted items such as those in my regular Top Five Etsy Finds posts. I wanted a dedicated home to showcase pieces I love and this is now realised on Artisan Rainbow! Homewares, jewellery, anything with vivid colours might turn up here. I post one item a day from red on Mondays to purple on Fridays with a weekly Sunday Rainbow. I'm having great fun putting these posts together! The most viewed item so far is this pretty rainbow ribbon necklace.

I experimented with more vegan and vegetarian cookery, partly in response to Plastic Free July because I am now hyper aware of how much single use plastic packaging we buy. It's certainly made an impact on our grocery bill and the amount of landfill waste we create. I was already pretty smug that our non-recyclables only filled a single 15 litre bin bag each fortnight. Now we've managed to make one last over three weeks. Yay us! I blogged a few recipes that turned out particularly well - Cauliflower Couscous was one - and am looking forward to more creative concoctions throughout the Autumn! My Lentil Beanburgers recipe was the second most popular Stephanie Jane post in August, only just pipped at the post by a bakerdays cake giveaway. I suppose free cake would be more tempting! Congrats to winner Sam in Chigwell!

Lentil Beanburgers 

Now I am looking forward to our imminent city break trio - Prague, Vienna and Budapest in September. I've not visited any of these cities before so am excited to experience them. If only the current Brexit shambles hadn't reduced our currency's relative value so drastically! Typical political short-sightedness. We've got lots ideas for places to see, streets to stroll and local delicacies to eat. If you've got any must-see suggestions, do Comment them below! My next Stephanie Jane post will come from Prague ...

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