Thursday, 13 July 2017

Top Five Etsy Finds - #PlasticFreeJuly

The Picnic Pack by BeeBeeWraps 
We're almost half way through the global Plastic Free July challenge now and I hope your efforts are going at least as well as mine? I haven't managed complete liberation from plastic here yet, but it's fun searching out alternatives to ingrained plastic usage I hadn't previously given much thought to. For this Top Five post I enjoyed browsing Etsy's artisan-made reusable products of which, of course, there is a tremendous array on offer! I considered items that are usually made of plastic and also ones which aren't, but do incorporate disproportionately large volumes of plastic packaging. Here's my favourite solutions:

BeeBeeWraps shop is based in Cambridge and specialises in creating the beautiful cling film alternative pictured above. BeeBee Wrap is made with 100% organic cotton food wrap infused with beeswax and plant oils. This well-honed recipe makes it tacky and perfect for wrapping cheese, sandwiches, bread, fruit, picnics, salad, bowls and jars, pockets for snacking nuts and trail mix, and you even have the perfect 'plate' to eat from! The wraps are available in various sizes and I have chosen to link to The Picnic Pack which comprises of five: two small, two medium and one large.

The Picnic Pack is for sale at £18 plus shipping.

Reusable Lunch Bag
by InTheTwine
Also on a food theme, InTheTwine in Brighton have a selection of long-lasting Reusable Lunch Bags in their Etsy shop. The hand crafted reusable lunch and sandwich bags are made out of burlap, cotton and canvas and I love their bold colours. As well as the teal shown here there is also an eyecatching canary yellow bag! They have a solid look when filled up and are non see-through. The easy fold means each bag flattens for no stress storage and they feature a simple roll and close system with the help of twine and a hand-made wooden button. The approximate size of the pictured Lunch Bag is 10 inches high by 5 1/2 inches wide.

The Reusable Lunch Bag is for sale at £9.99 plus shipping.

Reusable Cotton Facial Pads
by TidelineStudio
Why keep buying plastic-wrapped disposable facial cleansing pads when you could be using such pretty reusable ones as these packs sewn by Tree of TidelineStudio in Saltburn-by-the-Sea? The Reusable Cotton Facial Pads are made with double layers of super soft organic cotton for more absorbency and backed with a patterned fabric. Tree sells them as a week's worth - seven facial wipe pads presented in a matching cotton storage bag. Simply use them with your favourite skin cleanser, then pop them in with your usual wash load. Smooth out and dry flat. Each round measures 8 cm or 3 inches in diameter.

Each Reusable Cotton Facial Pads set is for sale at £7.50 plus shipping.

Reusable Menstrual Pad
by Ecosewer
Ecosewer of London also creates reusable cotton pads, but intended for a different purpose. I bought one of her Reusable Menstrual Pads to complement my Mooncup and am delighted with both the quality of the work and the beautiful fabric print. (You can see mine in this post.) Each pad measures approximately 8 1/2 by 3 inches when the poppers are snapped together and there are dozens of different prints available. A flat cotton top with absorbent towelling in-between, backed with breathable waterproof PUL.

Each Reusable Menstrual Pad is for sale at £5.50 plus shipping.

Reusable Washable Kitchen Roll
by LittleSomethingSewn
Amy Read is based in Bodmin and is the creative force behind LittleSomethingSewn. I loved the fun flamingo print fabric she has used for her Reusable Washable Kitchen Roll. Kitchen roll is another disposable product that is usually swathed in plastic wrap so a reusable alternative is a great idea. I learned the fabric version is known as 'unpaper' and Amy's consists of printed cotton with an absorbent bamboo towel backing. The towels are approximately 9 inches square and can be made with the snaps so they snap together to form a roll or with no snaps so they can be left in a basket. They are sold in sets of four towels.

Each Reusable Washable Kitchen Roll set is for sale at £12 plus shipping.

I love these inventive ideas and hope you find them useful in your Plastic Free July challenges!


  1. Loved the look and idea of the Bees Wrap and thought I might await your full review before buying. However, after reading about your excitement on receipt in your post:#PlasticFreeJuly _ three weeks completed, I've just gone ahead and placed an order. Beats shopping for clothes and shoes!

    1. Oh, thank you! I do hope you like them!
      I've successfully used mine for bread, cheese and lemon halves so far. They're working perfectly and make the fridge shelves so pretty :-)