Sunday, 25 June 2017

Two great music Kickstarter campaigns!

Rebecca Pronsky's Witness team 
I've taken to blogging live music gigs we're looking forward to on the 25th of the month, but we haven't actually got any booked at the moment so I thought I would share two great music Kickstarter campaigns with you instead.

First up is New York's Rebecca Pronsky who has actually reached her target for Witness: Hillary's Song Cycle, but her Kickstarter campaign doesn't finish until Friday June 30th so you still have time to get on board. Rewards range from digital copies of the album to signed CDs, signed posters, and even your very own Hillary house concert.

Rebecca says, In the weeks following the election, Hillary Clinton all but disappeared. She went from being one of the most visible people in the world to someone who barely updated her Twitter account. During that time, I was consumed with intense feelings of empathy for Hillary. I wondered how she was coping and I worried about her emotional state. I began writing songs from her point of view, an inner monologue of her life during that mysterious time. The result is a song cycle called "Witness". In "Witness" we follow Hillary as she goes for walks in the woods, wrestles with the voices of her doubters, dances in her living room barefoot, and swears... a lot. Her monologue travels from disbelief to depression, rage to grief, and acceptance to hope.

Witness: Hillary's Song Cycle

Rebecca Pronsky is raising funds for Witness: Hillary's Song Cycle on Kickstarter! A song cycle that imagines the inner world of Hillary Clinton during the weeks following the election.

Sam Baker from Austin, Texas, has just started his Kickstarter campaign for his latest album, Land Of Doubt. He is also a couple of days into his UK tour so do get along to hear him play if you can. The remaining gigs are in Bradford, Sheffield, Leicester, London and Bristol (click the town name to visit its WeGotTickets gig page).

Land Of Doubt is Sam's fifth record. Kickstarter rewards range from digital downloads of the album to signed CDs, limited edition artworks, VIP show packages, and even one of Sam's guitars.

Sam says, In 1986 I was on a train in Cuzco, Peru that was blown up by terrorists. It killed the people I was sitting with. I had a cut artery, brain damage, blown in ear drums and should have died - but I didn’t. I tried to figure out what it means to be blown up - to survive when others die. I wrote a lot. It was mostly drivel. But with the drivel came songs.
For me, doubt is part of living, part of being engaged in life, part of the great questioning of life. Curiosity can be fueled by doubt. My life got better when I accepted doubt as an integral part of life, as the counterweight to hope and security. By accepting uncertainty, by learning how to live with the unknowing, I began to find beauty in the moment. Beauty in the act of being alive. And especially the beauty of music. This record is a meditation, a reflection on day-to-day life. The goodness, the struggle, the uncertainty. It gives me strength to share doubt. It gives me strength to hear others share doubt. With doubt comes clarity. With doubt comes hope.


Sam Baker is raising funds for LAND OF DOUBT on Kickstarter! A new album by Sam Baker - Land of Doubt

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