Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Top Five Etsy Finds - Camping Gear

Camping Wine Table
by OPWoodcraft1
By the time this post publishes itself Dave and I will be on the second day of a fortnight's camping trip with our Raclet Solena trailer tent. After the (almost complete) success of our long weekend at Buckfastleigh, we have added a small portable radiator to our gear and now think we have every eventuality covered. That didn't stop me browsing Etsy for other must-have camping gear ideas though! These are my five handmade favourites ...

Having a relaxing drink in the sun is obviously a high point of any camping trip so this Camping Wine Table should be top of everyone's accessory list. It is made by OP Woodcraft1 who are based in Witney. Hand crafted from Birch plywood and finished in Blanchon natural water based oil, the table has a diameter of 30cm and its full height with the stake is approx 42cm. I love the ingenious way the wine bottle is supported by a notch in the stake.

The Camping Wine Table is for sale at £54.99 plus shipping.

Cooking Tripod
by Arrowsmith Forge
A smoky campfire meal is another must-do experience and this versatile Cooking Tripod is perfect for wilderness trips on foot or by water, trips to the beach and, of course, camping. The tripod was made by Colin Mckerrell at Arrowsmith Forge in Glasgow. It features 1 metre long legs with 'arrowhead' points on the feet to penetrate even the hardest ground for stability and can apparently support up to 130lb of weight. That's a very large stew pot! The hanging chain is adjustable and includes a detachable S hook. The tripod is designed to be long-lasting so should provide many years of happy cooking.

The Cooking Tripod is for sale at £16.99 plus shipping.

Bushcraft / Camping Soaps
by Twisted Hazel Gifts
I love this mini Bushcraft / Camping Soaps Set offered by Twisted Hazel Gifts in Clacton. Inspired by her husband's bushcraft expeditions, the six little cylindrical soaps are each intended for a different function - handwashing after meat preparation, toughening skin, beard and hair shampoo, insect repelling, cleaning cuts, and soothing stings - and contains appropriate essential oils for its task. The soap sticks are packed into an easily stashed waterproof tin and you just need to cut off a sliver of the required soap to use leaving the rest safe and dry for next time.

The Bushcraft / Camping Soaps Set is for sale at £8 plus shipping.

Camping Mug
by Paul Pirie Leather
I did wonder if this gorgeous leather-encased Camping Mug is actually too beautiful for its stated purpose! It was designed by Paul Pirie Leather, whose workshop is also located in Glasgow, with the intention of being used outdoors therefore has been made with rugged and durable materials and I think the leather will wear in well with use. The mason jar within the casing will hold up to 490ml and has a screw-on metal lid to protect your drink from inquisitive insects between sips.

The Camping Mug is for sale at £23 plus shipping.

My final choice is this cute Folding Wooden Camping Chair by John-William Dinsdale of Bye Brytshi in Leyburn. Completely and expertly hand made, the small camping chair is perfect for all outdoor occasions from campsites to festivals as it is light weight and portable. It measures 65cm tall when folded and 42cm wide. When standing it is 50cm high. The fabric can be removed for easy washing and if you want a different colour or design for this, Bye Brytshi are happy to accommodate custom designs.

The Folding Wooden Camping Chair is for sale at £35 plus shipping.

Folding Wooden Camping Chair by Bye Brytshi 
Happy camping!

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