Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Restocking my Etsy shop and my first sale of April

Crocheted flowers and leaves - SOLD!
My Etsy shop was just getting up to speed before we went away for the winter, but, disappointingly, views and sales ceased abruptly as soon I was shipping from France and, later, Spain. One aspect of our UK return I have been looking forward to is revamping and relisting the items I have for sale and getting back to my crafting again. I was absolutely delighted to be notified of my first sale this morning! Ten crocheted flowers and eight leaves are on their way to Merseyside. (I have more of both appliques available if you like them!)

Yesterday I listed three varieties of tiny star motifs and three varieties of crocheted hearts. All these shapes are ideal for card making and scrapbooking, or they can be appliqued to fabric - the flowers especially look fab sewn onto summer jeans! Click through via the photographs or the Etsy Mini widget to buy!

Crocheted stars 
Crocheted hearts