Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Crocheted motifs sold on Etsy

Crafter's Embellishments
Gift Pack - SOLD! 
This time last week I was celebrating my first handmade goods sale since I reopened my Etsy shop. Now I am happy to let you know that I had a fantastic sale this week too - 78 little crocheted motifs and they went to a repeat buyer. Don't get me wrong, new customers are great too! but there's something especially rewarding about knowing someone likes my work so much they want more of it! I sold ten sparkly red hearts, eight moss green leaves (now sold out), ten tiny orange stars and a Crafter's Embellishments Gift Pack. The Packs are great as a treat for yourself or to actually give to a craft-minded friend. For £10 I choose an assortment of fifty crocheted motifs from my stock, making sure there are no more than five of any particular one so the recipient gets at least ten different styles to spark their creativity. The motifs can be sewn or glued so would be suitable for older children as well as adults. If you can't choose between all the embellishments in my shop, buy yourself a Gift Pack!

This week I restocked the 1.25 inch crocheted flowers so all four colours are again available. I also relisted a trio of beanie-style hats and four wristlet water bottle bags that are perfect accessories for fitness walks. I created new cardmaking embellishments from vintage book pages too. You can now buy handcut circles in two sizes: 9cm diameter ones suitable for backgrounds which are £1 for 20, and 4.3cm diameter ones suitable for layering which are £1 for 25. You can buy 'by the book' or I think a mix of differently yellowed papers looks good together.

4.3cm vintage paper circles 
Now I am crocheting more hearts from various cottons. If you squint at the Gift Pack example photo above (or click through to enlarge it!) you'll see white, black and tiny red hearts amongst the flowers. I plan to get at least twenty of each listed within the next few days. Keep an eye on my Facebook page to be notified when!

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