Thursday, 9 March 2017

Four tasty pie recipes for #BritishPieWeek

Dave's Spinach Pie 
Not quite sure how it happened out here where we mostly avoid Other People, but Dave and I have both managed to catch a lurgy cold this past week. Actually, to give credit where it's due, Dave caught the cold first and shared it with me - which was nice of him! Anyway we've been craving comfort foods to make us feel better despite neither of us having much energy to care about cooking! I looked through my recipes and a good pie would be just about perfect right now. So in celebration of British Pie Week, I would like to invite any reader to come out to Calig and bake one of these delicious pies for us! (You'll need to bring your own caravan!) Click on the photos or the titles to go to the full recipe.

Dave's Spinach Pie (pictured above) sounds healthy, but is actually a cheese fest wrapped in buttery puff pastry! The spinach content would count as one of your five a day though and the recipe is vegetarian so suitable for Meat Free Mondays. The pie was inspired by traditional Greek Spanakopita but Dave's version uses cheddar in place of feta cheese and puff in place of filo pastry.

Leftover Lamb Pie 
Leftover Lamb Pie is a great Spring recipe and is a frugal way to use up roast dinner leftovers. I first saw a version of it in a vintage Meat Dishes (500 Recipes) cookbook and the skills and ingredients are basic so it is quick and easy to put together. We normally pair roast lamb with quartered mushrooms for a rich filling. You could use bought shortcrust pastry instead of making your own, and both the cooked meat and the vegetable ingredients would be interchangeable to use up whatever is to hand.

Smoked Salmon Pie 
For fish lovers, Smoked Salmon Pie sounds decadent, but actually uses one of those cheaper trimmings packs so is pretty cheap and cheerful. Its layers are a bit of a faff to do so I normally allow myself a good hour from start to table. It also has the longest ingredient list of these four pies, but don't let that put you off because most of the items are store cupboard staples. Also don't be tempted to add any salt! This is omitted from the recipe by design not by accident. The salmon and cheese combined contribute plenty of saltiness.
I think I remember the original version of this pie I saw - that someone else had made - was shaped as a fish, complete with eyes and scales drawn into the pastry. I have never felt that ambitious, but it could easily be suitable for a dinner party were you prepared to go to that much effort!

Key Lime Pie 
No pie roundup would be complete without a dessert option and Key Lime Pie is Dave's favourite. His friend Lyekin in Hailsham makes the best, but I was pleased with how mine turned out too. Using ginger biscuits for the base and sides adds an extra depth of flavour that I loved. It was possibly too limey though - you could easily get away with three limes' worth of juice rather than the four listed. I'm not sure if a Key Lime pie should still be so called if the limes aren't from the Florida Keys? EU Protected Geographical Indication law probably doesn't apply in this instance!

Feel welcome to link to your own favourite pies in the Comments.

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