Thursday, 23 February 2017

#ThrowbackThursday - where we were on this date in Februarys past

Georgette Heyer audiobook 
I have an especially timely start to this month's ThrowbackThursday post. Exactly four years ago, the 23rd of February 2013, I wrote and published my very first Stephanie Jane post. It's my 4th Blogoversary today!
I was already committed to daily blogging of Eastbourne cultural events on Theatrical Eastbourne, but felt I wanted a more personal space too and was excitedly anticipating the wider range of posts I would 'pen'. I had recently listened to a seriously swoon-worthy audiobook so the second half of the post is a breathless recommendation of The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer, deliciously narrated by Richard Armitage!

Alhambra courtyard 
The 22nd February 2014 was a very busy post from Humilladero in Spain. In the previous week we had been walking in the Sierra Nevada national park and the amazing El Torcal park, had stood in a 6000 year old dolmen, and visited the Alhambra in Granada. The Alhambra is absolutely worth every word sung in its praises and we were both blown away by our time there. It was one place that had been on my bucket list to visit for years and I was so excited when we bought our tickets. I loved the intricate plasterwork, the mazes of rooms in the palace and the serene courtyards. Obviously being there in February meant we avoided insane crowd levels, but the site was still surprisingly busy. Fortunately there is plenty of room for everyone to spread out and the palace itself had a strict timed visit policy. We got to the front of the queue for our slot!

Mulberry trees at Cullera 
One year later and we were back in Spain, this time having just arrived at Cullera. I wasn't too enamoured with the campsite when we first arrived, but it grew on me as our stay progressed. Until revisiting my original post in order to write this one I had forgotten about the giant rock, La Roca de los Pensiamentos, which sits right in the middle of numerous chalet pitches. Cullera had its own attractions including good cycling along the seafront as well as inland, but we mainly chose it as being handy for the train into Valencia where we planned to meet up with our friends Andy and Barbara.

Barraca at Montroig del Camp 
Perhaps unsurprisingly, on the 23rd February 2016 we were in ... Spain! (We do visit other countries, just not in February!) 2016 saw us at Cambrils where we had just spent a walking day exploring the barracas of Montroig del Camp. These small structures are traditionally dry stone built huts that provided shelter for shepherds and agricultural workers. Now they are mostly renovated and maintained as a tourist attraction. It is interesting to see close-up the skill that goes into building a barraca and the variety of designs employed.

One of the valuable aspects of our caravan travels for me is that, although we might return to the same country for four years running, being able to pitch up in different placers mean we get a wonderfully varied view of everything on offer. It has taken four winters for us to start to think that maybe we have now comprehensively covered the southern Spanish coast. Next year we must decide whether to start repeating places or whether to try something completely new.

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  1. And apparently it is 27 years since Laura Palmer died. Now that makes me feel old!