Friday, 13 January 2017

Top Five Etsy Finds - Bookish Jewellery

The Raven Bracelet by WickedWordsmithCo 
So I know we have only just got Christmas out of the way, but if you have a sweetheart then it's time to start gift hunting again already because Valentine's Day is on the horizon! In fact you've got a month and a day. If the intended recipient is as much of a bookworm as I am then I might be able to cut down your workload with this post in which I showcase my favourite five book-themed jewellery pieces on Etsy. All five are handmade in the UK by seriously talented artisans.

Lorraine White at WickedWordsmithCo in Doncaster painstakingly stamps out each word on her gorgeous metalware cuff bracelets by hand so you can be sure that each piece is unique. I love the Edgar Allan Poe bracelet (pictured above) which features two verses from his classic poem The Raven.

The Raven Bracelet is for sale at £65 plus shipping.

Origami Butterfly Earrings by ThePaperCircusShop 
A delicate choice is this pair of Origami Butterfly Book Page Earrings which are made by Corran Wilson Davies at ThePaperCircusShop in Guildford. They're tiny! Each butterfly measures just 1cm across and the earrings have a drop of 3.5cm. The hooks are available in a choice of different metals and the butterflies are sprayed with an acrylic coating to increase their longevity. Corran does remind us that they are still paper though so it's best not to wear these earrings when swimming!

Origami Butterfly Book Page Earrings are for sale at £8 per pair plus shipping.

World Traveller's Bookshelf Necklace
by Coryographies
I adore the range of bookshelf necklaces made by Cory Cuthbertson at Coryographies in Oxford. I found it difficult to choose my favourite, but eventually settled on this World Traveller's Bookshelf Necklace although the Teashop Bookshelf came a close second. Cory makes all the tiny books by hand from polymer clay - you can even see their white pages between the coloured covers - and the bookshelves are varnished wood. Each bookshelf pendant is just 1.5 inches (about 4cm) tall and weighs 9 grams. Buyers can choose between gold or silver chains and findings for their bookshelf.

The World Traveller's Bookshelf Necklace is for sale at £32 plus shipping.

Acorn Hobbit Brooch by infiniteANDdarling 
Staying with tiny for one more of my favourites, I think this Acorn Hobbit Brooch is adorable. Made by infiniteANDdarling in North Yorkshire, each laser cut brooch measures about 2cm across and features a character or place name upcycled from a vintage copy of The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien. At the time of writing, ten options were still available although Baggins and Thorin had already sold out. I particularly like the cross-hatching and stem details on the acorn above the paper.

The Acorn Hobbit Brooch is for sale at £5 plus shipping.

Books And Tea Necklace by BunnyBosworths 
My final choice for this bookish jewellery post is an elegantly simple fabric Books And Tea Necklace created by Natalie Bosworth at BunnyBosworths in Liverpool. The text 'all you need are books and tea' is printed onto a cotton lawn fabric which is then sewn around a cotton core and fixed to a silver plated chain. Natalie trained as a theatre costume designer and still uses the sewing machine she got for her eighteenth birthday for all her Etsy creations.

The Books And Tea Necklace is for sale at £18 plus shipping.

That's all for my Top Five Etsy Finds this month! Please note all links on this post are affiliate links so, should you click through and make a purchase, I would receive a small percentage. I look forward to curating another five Etsy items for you in February.


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