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Top Five Etsy Finds - Advent Calendars

Chocolate Advent Calendar Set
by ChunkyMonkeyChoc
I wanted to curate a properly Christmas Etsy Finds post for this November installment, but couldn't narrow a theme from the overwhelming choice! I was tempted to take inspiration from my favourite Etsy Editor's Picks Page, Etsy Made Local, but already blogged my Top Five From Torquay in
May. Then my sister came to the rescue, getting in touch to ask if I could find an Advent Calendar for my niece. That's it, I thought! I bet Etsy artisans have created some fabulous Advent Calendars and I was right. There are gorgeous examples of all different types, many of which could well become heirloom pieces that become part of family tradition year after year. In this post I have picked out five of my favourites - and they're not all about the chocolate either!

For many of us, chocolate is kind of the point of an Advent Calendar these days though so I thought I would start my Five with the delights pictured above from ChunkyMonkeyChoc in Leeds. The Chocolate Advent Calendar Set is available in Milk or Plain Mint chocolate with the 25 squares wrapped in suitably seasonal designs - Numbers, Santas or Snowmen - which can either be placed into existing Advent Calendar pockets or mixed up together in a seanoably patterned bowl.

The Chocolate Advent Calendar Set is for sale at £6.99 with free shipping within the UK.

Yarn Lover's Advent Calendar by Zanetto 
The Yarn Lover's Advent Calendar is a brilliant idea from Zanetto in Bristol which I think would perfect for knitters and crocheters alike. The Calendar consists of 24 mini skeins of yarn accompanied by 24 knitting and crochet patterns, each to make a square which, when sewn together, will make up an attractive shawl or mini blanket by Christmas Day. Zanetto stocks beautiful yarn colours so I imagine the finished squares will be quite eyecatching. No clue is given as to the difficulty level of the patterns so the Calendar might not be suitable for beginners, but as each square is meant to be made in a single day, they probably aren't to technically demanding either. A choice of three different thicknesses of yarn is offered and orders are being taken now for shipping out from the 23rd November.

The Yarn Lover's Advent Calendar is for sale at £50 plus shipping

Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar 
by FitzjohnAndNoble 
Even more activity is on offer with this Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar created by Helen Fitzjohn at FitzjohnAndNoble in Stamford, Lincolnshire. 24 little numbered envelopes each contain a 'Today's surprise is' card upon which you write a clue to the location of that day's advent treat. Of course you'll need to buy and hide the Treasure Hunt treats yourself too, but I think this is a great interactive idea. Older children could take turns writing a card and hiding a small gift for each other or the treats could be different aspects of Christmas preparation: 'Today's surprise is making crackers' or 'Today's surprise is decorating the tree'. A printable pdf of the card inserts will also be sent by email so purchasers can print off new cards each year.

The Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar is for sale at £22 plus shipping.

Tea Advent Calendar by PostTea 
After all that running around it's probably time for a cuppa and I love the idea of this Tea Advent Calendar from Kim Villaweaver at PostTea in Goldalming, Surrey. The Calendar consists of 24 different loose teas, each in numbered sachets with enough for 2-3 cups each day, a metal ball strainer and a guide to your teas including tasting notes and brewing instructions. Blends that caught my eye include Gingerbread Chai, Spiced Apple Infusion and Cherry Medley Rooibos although I understand that the exact teas to be sent may vary.

The Tea Advent Calendar is for sale at £45 with free UK shipping.

Christmas Colouring Advent Calendar
by NaturesPals
And now we are all relaxed we can look at my fifth choice which is a beautifully detailed Christmas Colouring Advent Calendar drawn by Daria Krajewska at NaturesPals in Belfast. 24 number illustrations incorporate all the traditional Christmas icons and motifs and each page is one-sided and detachable so after you have completed your colouring, you can pin them up as decorations. The books has a choice of covers although the colouring in contents are the same.

The Christmas Colouring Advent Calendar is for sale at  £12 plus shipping.

So that's my five Advent Calendar suggestions and I hope at least one has caught your interest! If so, buying through one of the links from this post would earn me a small commission from Etsy. Thank you!

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