Thursday, 13 October 2016

Top Five Etsy Finds - Socks - #DifferenceMakesUs

Motivational socks by SparksClothingShop 
I'm excited to be posting this month's Top Five Etsy Finds as part of the Etsy campaign Difference Makes Us. The idea is to focus on a simple and relatively mundane item that we all own, but in wildly differing fashions to create our own unique style. Etsy has created a special Difference Makes Us page on their website highlighting the fantastic variations available from artisans worldwide and, of course, this is something I love to do each month with my themed Top Five Etsy Finds blog posts! September's post explored Wall Clock designs, August looked at some incredible Sofas and Chairs and for October I have been hunting down fabulous Socks.

Yes, Socks! It turns out that Etsy crafters have thought up as much variety in this clothing staple as in everything else they turn their minds to and, with autumn days starting to feel distinctly chilly, it's the just the time for each of us to find our own perfect pair!

The first socks that caught my eye were the inspirational pair pictured at the top of this post. They are made by Verity and Deborah, a mother and daughter team who run SparksClothingShop from Taunton in Somerset. For me, 'You Are Capable Of Amazing Things' completely sums up the Etsy ethos and I think these socks would be ideal to wear at any time when I need a confidence boost.

These socks are for sale at £15 a pair with free standard UK shipping.

Hand Knit Wool Socks by FirTreeKnitwear 
Next up is a distinctly Nordic pair of socks because I love my Scandinavian TV dramas and these just look so cosy. They are handknitted too. I love the snowflake and reindeer design which just screams Christmas - did you know there's only just over 70 more sleeps to go?! Hand Knit Wool Socks are expertly knitted to order by Egle at FirTreeKnitwear in London. She was taught to knit in Lithuania by her grandmother at just six years old and is happy to be carrying on her family's traditional skill.

These socks are for sale at £29 a pair plus shipping.

Creepy Dolls Ankle Socks at DanceMacabre 
Before Christmas however we have Halloween and I couldn't resist appeasing my macabre side by including this pair of Creepy Dolls Ankle Socks. Aren't those eyes spooky? The socks are printed by hand by Paul and Leona at DanceMacabre in Guisborough, North Yorkshire. We stayed nearby on our Great UK Caravan Tour last summer and the North York Moors is a beautiful part of the country. DanceMacabre say their hand printing process means that each pair is subtly different and the 100% polyester fabric keeps its bold tones so your eerie dolls won't fade in the wash.

These socks are for sale at £7.99 a pair plus shipping.

Hobbit Feet Socks by MakeGeekCraft 
I can never resist a good literary connection so knew as soon as I saw these novelty socks that they had to be part of my Top Five blog post. I read The Hobbit by Tolkien years ago and loved the book though I've not yet worked up the reading stamina to attempt the whole Lord Of The Rings trilogy. These Hairy Toes Hobbit Feet Socks are hand knitted from merino-nylon blend wool by Hannah Marshall at MakeGeekCraft in Poole, Dorset. I can think of a few fantasy fiction fans I know who would be thrilled to find a pair under their tree on Christmas morning. Cosplay anyone?

These socks are for sale at £26.50 a pair plus shipping.

Lace Embellished Knee Socks by MaudsHosiery 
I'm going all girly for my final socks choice because I love these pretty Lace Embellished Knee Socks by MaudsHosiery in Bedford. They have a wonderful vintage steampunk vibe to them and are so elegant. I'm not sure I would be able to walk about in quite such high heels, but it's a great look with that net skirt. Check through this shop's other listings to see truly fabulous shoes, especially the unicorn heels! Maud says the Knee Socks are highly customisable, but I think the default of black sock with pale peach lace would suit me fine. I just need to find myself the right vintage dress ...

These socks are for sale at £7 a pair plus shipping.

So, if you were thinking of getting me socks for Christmas, then any of these pairs would be ideal! And why not let me know what your perfect pair of socks would be too? Comment the link below so we can all see.

All links in this post are affiliate links so, should you click through and make a purchase, I would receive a small percentage. That would be nice! Thank you.


  1. I love the motivational socks!

    I never thought of looking on Etsy for socks. I've bought quite a bit of stionery type items from there lately though :)

  2. Etsy's amazing! It seems like whatever I decide to search for there, someone makes it!