Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Cauldron Vegetarian Sausage Turnovers Recipe

Veggie Sausage Turnovers 
I recently discovered the Cauldron brand of tofu and especially their Marinated Tofu Pieces which I have taken to using for my risotto recipe because it is so much less faff! Instead of pre-pressing and pre-slicing and pre-frying, I can simply add the prepared Tofu Pieces straight from their pack towards the end of cooking, basically just heating them through. Lazy cookery? Yes! But they have a good texture and flavour which works well with the tomato and rice.

So having been happy with one Cauldron product, I thought I might try another and spotted their Lincolnshire Vegetarian Sausages which is one of my favourite herbed flavours. Dave and I have been 'off' meat sausages for months, often finding them disappointing and bland, so I was quite prepared for these ones to disappoint too, especially as they don't even have any meat in them! However they are delicious - juicy and tasty! The Cauldron sausages held their own against meat Lincolnshire versions and I think actually surpassed several meat brands for both flavour and texture. I was impressed and will definitely be buying Cauldron Vegetarian Sausages again! There's a Cumberland flavour to try too.

The recipe I chose to cook was an end-of-the-week type use-up lunch, even though it is Tuesday! We had a third of a pack of puff pastry left over from Dave's Spinach pie and a small piece of strong cheddar so I decided to make Sausage Turnovers for a lunch. In hindsight I should have frozen the sausages in twos rather than as a whole pack because three turnovers between two of us was rather too much food. I'll know for next time!

I rolled out the pastry into three squares, each one measuring about 1.5 times as long as a sausage.
Then I spread a little Dijon mustard in the centres of the squares and laid two sausages next to each other diagonally across each one. I grated a handful of cheese and sprinkled it over the sausages.
I've taken to brushing pastry with rapeseed oil rather than egg because I think it gives a lighter, crisper finish. We've got Cooks And Co rapeseed oil which was on special offer at the moment. It's good, but Borderfields is the best I've tried so far!
I folded one pastry corner over its sausages and brushed it with oil, then folded its opposing corner over the oiled one, pressing the two together to form an offset tube. (This might make more sense from the photos.) I then brushed more oil over all the visible pastry and laid the three turnovers on a floured baking tray.
They cooked in a preheated oven at 180c (we have a fan oven. Go to 200c if you don't) for 25 minutes which was perhaps a little too long. The pastry was slightly browner than I usually like, although it was all nicely cooked.

We just had pickles and chutney with our turnovers and both very much enjoyed them. Admittedly this isn't the healthiest of lunches, but it did taste good!

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