Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Top Five Etsy Finds - wall clocks

Hand Felted Wall Clock 
by OrchardFelts 
It took us a while to find the ideal wall clock for our lounge. We didn't know exactly the style we wanted, but we did know that most of the ones we saw just weren't right. In search of inspiration I turned to Etsy and, sure enough, there were dozens of gorgeously quirky clocks from which to choose. In the end, we got lucky with a local shop find, but I still wanted to show off these creations which I loved and nearly bought instead!

I hadn't seen a Hand Felted Wall Clock anywhere before and the laborious process ensures that each of the fabulous designs by OrchardFelts of Salisbury, Wiltshire, will be unique. For this clock Roz Legge needle felted an array of wild flowers onto a wet felted background before affixing the acrylic pearl hour markers and the clock mechanism.  I like the tranquil feel of this this wild flower scene, but Roz has another clock listed showing a black cat silhouette that would be great for a Halloween gift or party!

The Hand Felted Wall Clock is for sale at £20 plus shipping.

Skateboard Wall Clock 
SESHNOTSTIGMA are based in Huddersfield and make a fantastic array of items from recycled skateboards including jewellery, bottle openers and stoppers, shaving kits, pens, watches, wall art and clocks. Basically, if an item can be made from wood, I think these guys can create it by upcycled skateboards! I didn't realise that a skateboard is actually seven layers of compressed maple wood - a light material which looks absolutely stunning after it has been through the hands of James and Stacey Gomes-Sequeira. This Skateboard Wall Clock is a perfect example. It measures about 6 inches / 15cm across (smaller versions are available) and has been finished with several layers of varnish to add protection and shine.

The Skateboard Wall Clock is for sale at £35 plus shipping.

Acrylic Dice Clock 
by Honeypea 
I think that the Acrylic Dice Clocks created by Honeypea of Liskeard, Cornwall, are a fun idea and I love their three-dimensional appearance as well as the dice spots adding up to show each hour. The clock face is simple smoked perspex which I think gives quite a stark, industrial feel to the clock. It measures 8 inches / 20cm square. Honeypea offer multiple versions of the design idea featuring different coloured dice and also other variants that incorporate Lego blocks, Tetris tetriminos and even Liquorice Allsorts as hour markers! The company is particularly concerned about the environmental impact of their enterprise and so make sure to ship using biodegradable bubblewrap, paper tape and cardboard.

The Dice Wall Clock is for sale at £14 plus shipping.

Cork Wall Clock 
by ashortwalkltd 
ashortwalkltd are based in Perranporth, also in Cornwall, and are a resolutely eco company specialising in sustainable products made from materials such as slate and cork. I still remember being amazed by the gorgeous glowing chestnut colour of the first recently-harvested cork trees I saw in Portugal. Making cork products is a massive industry out there - you can even buy cork umbrellas! This Cork Wall Clock beautifully shows off the natural texture of the material. The fascia is 1cm thick by 25cm across (about 10 inches) and the hands and numerals are available in combinations of blue, black, white and silver.

The Eco Cork Wall Clock is for sale at £14.95 plus shipping.

Plate Clock by LaviniasTeaParty 
My final choice to show you is a pretty Gold Teardrop And Blue China Plate Clock that would have been just as much at home in my Tea collection of Etsy finds back in July. Lavinia of LaviniasTeaParty is based in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, and began collecting vintage and antique tea sets while she was at university. Now she loves embellishing and upcycling pieces into items such as unique clocks. There are over 170 plate clocks in her Etsy shop at the time of writing so you're bound to find one to suit your home decor!

The Gold Teardrop And Blue China Plate Clock is for sale at £25 plus shipping.

So that's all my Etsy finds for September and I hope you have enjoyed discovering them as much as I did searching for them. This was a tough selection and I wish I could have also included the Wine Barrel Clock, or the Devon River China Clock, or the Fired Horse Hair Clock too! You can search 'wall clock' on Etsy to see these and many others. It seems there is no end of designs and materials to which a simple clock mechanism can be attached!

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