Saturday, 13 August 2016

Top Five Etsy Finds - somewhere to sit

Ultimate Eco Sofa by FrancesBradleyDesign 
Have you all seen my lovely new-to-me vintage chaise longue? I've bought lots of gorgeous yarn from NeedlesLoomsnHooks on Etsy so I can make a throw for it and I think it looks great in our Victorian lounge. Searching for unusual furniture has inspired this month's Top Five Etsy Finds post.

These are my favourite Etsy artisan made chairs and seats and I would like to begin by showing you the Ultimate Eco Sofa created by FrancesBradleyDesign in Northampton. A one-off creation, this sofa is made entirely of recycled materials. Even the bolts holding it together are reclaimed. I love the chunky, industrial look and its suggested use is in a cafe or bar. I can think of a few quirky coffee shops where it would be perfectly at home.

The Ultimate Eco Sofa is for sale at £495 plus shipping.

Contemporary Bent Wood Seat
by EthanKrukFurniture
Also wood, but with an elegant curving design, this Contemporary Bent Wood Seat was made from locally sourced ash wood by EthanKrukFurniture in North Yorkshire. We do have amazingly skilled craftspeople in Britain! I love the flowing lines of this chair and the suede seat is almost incidental. Despite its delicate appearance, the bending method apparently takes advantage of the wood's strength to produce a remarkably sturdy chair that will support a person of up to 22 stone.

The Contemporary Bent Wood Seat is offered at £450 plus shipping.

Upcycled Steamer Trunk by TheRetroStationUK 
A very different style of chair is presented by Sophie Mason and Stephen Hobson at TheRetroStationUK in Manchester. I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like this Upcycled Steamer Trunk before. The listing shows a selection of these one-off creations and I think one would be a fabulous addition to a wanderlust home. This picture is of my favourite and it just needs to be situated by an old-fashioned globe. Original features including chunky brown leather straps and brass locks are retained and the seat is extremely sturdy and very comfy, with a solid wood chunky inner frame and vintage grain sack upholstery.

Bespoke Upcycled Steamer Trunks are for sale at £449 plus shipping.

Pallet Sofa at PalletBrighton 
To Brighton for my fourth choice and, I suppose, the budget option which I think would be ideal for a child's room or for somewhere with limited space because it incorporates two pull-out crates for storage under the seat. The Handmade Pallet Sofa was created by Richard Parkanyi at PalletBrighton and is one model from a range of upcycled pallet designs. I liked its functional simplicity and how easy it would be to tone in with different colour schemes by just changing the mattress and cushion covers, and giving the sofa a quick splash of paint! PalletBrighton do offer the Pallet Sofa in various colours and are happy to deliver within about a seventy mile radius of Brighton.

The Pallet Sofa is for sale at £159 plus shipping.

Steampunk Airframe Chair
by pbrobots
Have I saved the best for last? I've certainly saved the most throne-like! This Steampunk Airframe Chair was created by pbrobots in Worcester. It has been CNC cut and finished with a rust-effect patina and the armrests are clad in recycled copper. The seat itself is made from birch and upholstered with dark green leather cloth. I love the whole look of this chair although I am not sure how many households would have an industrial enough space to suit it! I think it should be owned by someone planning world domination - a Victoriana version of a Bond villain!

The Steampunk Airframe Chair is for sale at £2275 plus shipping.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through these stunning designs with me? Maybe you have even been inspired to revamp a room around one of these looks? I'd love to see pics of the finished room if you do - especially if it's a steampunk control centre!

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