Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Top Five Etsy Finds - tea

Teabag Wallet by MelvisMakes 
You probably already know about my love for tea! My favourites at the moment are Twinings Spicy Chai and their new Garden Mint flavour which is very summery. I keep my teabags in a pretty painted Indian wood box purchased in Almeria, but spotted this Teabag Wallet when I was browsing Etsy a couple of weeks ago. This got me to wondering what other tea-related products Etsy artisans and craftspeople have created.

The Teabag Wallet shown above is from MelvisMakes, the Etsy shop of Melanie in Stockton-on-Tees. It is made from 100% cotton and other fabric designs are available including cute owls and brightly coloured hedgehogs. I particularly liked this elegant stem and leaf print. With six internal pockets, the Teabag Wallet can easily store a good day's worth of different teas and its 6 by 3.25 inch size makes it convenient to pop into a largish handbag.
The Teabag Wallet is for sale at £8 plus shipping.

Snail Tea Cosy from RupertsHouse
I love this Snail Tea Cosy from RupertsHouse. It's such a quirky fun idea for a functional item! The bobble eye stems are bendy so you can have your teapot watch over your guests while it keeps your brew warm. Each Tea Cosy is designed to fit a six-cup teapot and the snail design is available in several different colours. RupertsHouse artisans hand make modern styled homewares using upcycled, recycled and other repurposed materials, along with traditional crafting skills.
The Snail Tea Cosy is for sale at £16.99 plus shipping on its own, or for £26.99 plus shipping with a teapot included.

Tea Fragrance Sampler by RavensCtApothecary 
I was amazed when I saw this selection of Tea Fragrances for sale on Etsy. Tanya at RavensCtApothecary in Newton Abbot is a fellow book lover so many of her vegan fragrances and soaps are named for literary figures, but there is also a range perfumed with teas and this sampler set will allow you to try out four of the scents. Each vial contains 1ml which is enough for 4-5 applications and the tea fragrances are Earl Grey, Green Tea, Vanilla Rooibos and Lapsang Souchong.
The Tea Fragrance Sampler is for sale at £11 plus shipping.

Tea Cup Chandelier by
Fingers crossed that our flat purchase is going through ok because I love this Baby Blue Tea Cup Chandelier and it would suit the high ceiling perfectly! It is made from Royal Doulton tea cups that were designed by Bruce Oldfield in 2004 and features four of these cups with a bowl, hanging from a ceiling rose for ease of installation. The cups take 40w energy saving lightbulbs and the drilled holes you can see in the photo are to allow heat from those bulbs to escape. The whole Chandelier is 85cm long although creators LavenderRoseCottage in Northampton say that they can make custom chandeliers to pretty much any size.
The Baby Blue Tea Cup Chandelier is for sale at £50 plus shipping.

Sherlock Holmes Tea Gift Set by
My fifth choice for this tea-related Etsy collection is actually tea and tea with a literary connection. VictoriaMaeDesigns in London makes themed envelopes for teabags and I have chosen the Sherlock Holmes Tea Gift Set to highlight in this post. It is particularly apt as we are finally watching the BBC's Sherlock series on a borrowed boxset. Each envelope is decorated with a Sherlock Holmes quote and contains one of a selection of English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea bags. The Gift Set can be purchased with 8, 12 or 24 tea bags and with different packaging options.
The Sherlock Holmes Tea Gift Set is for sale from £7.50 plus shipping.

So that's it for my tea inspired Etsy post this month. Time for a cuppa I think!


  1. The perfect blog post to read with a cuppa! Thank you for including my tea wallet ... I think I'm a bit in love with the Sherlock tea set myself :) xx